Officially Launched, Matic 150 cc NMAX and PCX Competitors Use New 4 Valve Engines, Still Cheaper Prices!

New GPX Drone 150 4 Valve – Officially Launched, Matic 150 cc Competitor NMAX 155 dan PCX 160 Use a new 4 valve engine, the price is still cheaper!

After being informed last week that there will be an update on this 150 cc scooter, it was finally released on Monday 26 July in Thailand.

This bike is New GPX The 2022 version of the drone 150 which now carries a new engine with 4 valve cylinder head technology.

Of course, to catch up with the performance of the All New NMAX 155 dan PCX 160 who already used 4 valves.

New GPX This new drone 150 is the result of a collaboration between a Thai brand GPX and Taiwanese scooter manufacturer SYM.

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New GPX Drone 150 4 Valve

New GPX Drone 150 4 Valve

The machine used was openly carrying the SYM logo.

Speaking of machines, from the press release received by the editors, it was informed that there was a change in the character of the machine. If previously with a 2-valve engine, it was only strong in the upper middle round.

Now the 4-valve engine makes acceleration performance at low speed increase by up to 28%.

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