Official Up! The fuel price of Pertamina is IDR 18,800 per litre

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The price of fuel oil (BBM) at various public filling stations (SPBU) in Indonesia has officially increased as of December 1, 2022. One of them also occurred at the state-owned gas station PT Pertamina ( lost)

Pertamina has officially made changes to fuel prices, especially the non-subsidized fuel prices at all Pertamina gas stations in Indonesia.

For example, the unsubsidized fuel price in DKI Jakarta, for Pertamax Dex fuel, is Rp. 18,800 per liter from Rp. 18,550 per liter previously. The price for Dexlite fuel type is IDR 18,300 per liter from IDR 18,000 per liter earlier. So for Pertamax Turbo type fuel price to IDR 15,200 per liter from previous IDR 14,300 per litre.

Meanwhile, the fuel price of RON 92 or Pertamax has not been adjusted or remains at IDR 13,900 per litre. Similarly, the fuel price of RON 90 or Pertalite is still IDR 10,000 per litre.

As regards the increase in the types of non-subsidised fuels, the management of Pertamina has also raised its voice. Pertamina Patra Niaga’s corporate secretary Irto Ginting said his party remains committed to conducting regular price assessments for unsubsidized fuel products, especially the Pertamax series and Dex series.

This follows the trend of the average prices of the world’s oil publications referring to the Mean of Platts Singapore (MOPS) or Argus.

According to him, this periodic evaluation is carried out every month by following the average price trend in the period from the 25th to the 24th of the previous month.

“Referring to the average MOPS for the period of October 25 to November 24, Pertamina Patra Niaga is again making periodic price adjustments for Pertamax Series and Dex Series products effective from December 1,” Irto told CNBC Indonesia, quoted on Saturday (3/12)/2022).

Furthermore, this pricing complies with the Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources n. 245.K/MG.01/MEM.M/2022 as modification of the DM n. 62/K/12/MEM/2020 regarding the formulation of the JBU or non-subsidized fuel price.

“We make sure this price is competitive for the quality we deliver,” Irto explained.

Of note, all the state-owned and private commercial fuel supply entities, namely Shell Indonesia, BP Indonesia and also Vivo Energy Indonesia have officially increased their fuel prices at all petrol stations in Indonesia.

For example, BP Indonesia has also raised the price of fuel sold in Jabodetabek and East Java. For example, BP 90 fuel costs Rp. 14,050 per liter and BP 95 fuel costs Rp. 14,700 per liter from Rp. 14,190 per liter (East Java).

BP Indonesia’s new fuel, namely BP Ultimate, also increased to IDR 15,100 per liter from the previous IDR 14,210 per litre. Meanwhile, BP Diesel fuel costs Rp. 18,660 per liter compared to the previous Rp. 18,380 per litre.

Meanwhile, Shell Indonesia’s fuel prices have also increased. For Super fuel type, it becomes IDR 14,180 per liter from the previous IDR 13,550 per litre.

Shell V-Power fuel has also increased to IDR 15,100 per liter from the previous IDR 14,210 per litre. Meanwhile, Shell V-Power Diesel fuel has risen to IDR 19,180 per liter and Shell Super to IDR 14,180 per litre.

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