Official acknowledgment, but a little comic … A father advises his children not to encourage Zamalek

A will written by a Zamalekawy fan sparked a wave of ridicule on social media, where the father asked his children to discourage the Zamalek team, and the father documented it during the real estate month, to be binding on both his children and grandchildren.

The father wrote through his will: “As a result of my lean years in which I have endured all the expressions of gloating and blame, and since I have reached the age of about fifty years, out of my concern for my health from infection with diseases, and I decided not to encourage the great club of Zamalek, and was satisfied with what was done. Loss of years of my life under that name ”.

He advised his children and grandchildren not to encourage the Zamalek club, so that they would not be exposed to what he was exposed to, explaining: “I will suffice with my will to my children and grandchildren, especially my son Sherif Mohamed Mahmoud, and it is a will from a father. Do not encourage the ancient Zamalek club so that you will not be exposed to what your father has been exposed to. From sincerity and addiction, because addiction treatment is very expensive, and inevitably leads to perdition.

The testament dates back to the year 2000, when he wrote on a Facebook account: “This is a will from someone who knew the truth late and strong. May God have mercy on him, love that does a sweet need before he dies.”

An account under the name “Atef al-Shami” wrote that he advised his brother a lot to encourage his children to encourage Al-Ahly, explaining: “By God, the words of the author of the will in the utmost respect and appreciation, I advised my brother Al-Zamalkawi that he returns his children to encourage Al-Ahly Club, because of their psychological state. Fill remains, but unfortunately this is not possible.

The account of Muhammad Kishk, Ali, was supported by what was stated in the will: “Yes, I support it. It is enough for what we lived, and every father Zamalekawi should keep his son away from the ball.”

A lot of mockery poured into the will from the pioneers of social media, especially Al-Ahly fans, and some speculated that the author of this will is a fan of Ahlawi, and its purpose is to ridicule the part of Zamalek fans: “Advise your children, Zamalekawyya.”

The father stated in the will, that he encouraged the Zamalek club for 50 years, so he suspended an account under the name “Rajab Salem,” explaining: “And I endured the 50 years, Hajj ?, Are you ungrateful”.

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