Officer tries to cling to fleeing car and o … (Interior)

Pelt –

During a chase after a fleeing vehicle in the Limburg Sint-Huibrechts-Lille, part of Pelt, shots were fired by the police of the HANO zone (Hamont-Achel and Pelt). A vehicle had tried to flee a check, after which the police gave chase.

The vehicle was brought to a stop on the Peerderbaan. A policeman approached the vehicle, but tried to hold on to the vehicle when the driver decided to drive away again.

Five shots would then have been fired. In the meantime, the suspect would have been caught. The officer hanging from the vehicle was slightly injured. The driver of the fleeing vehicle escaped.

Because it concerned an incident with the HANO police, colleagues from the nearby CARMA (As, Bocholt, Bree, Genk, Houthalen-Helchteren, Kinrooi, Oudsbergen and Zutendaal) came to make the findings.

A search was then started, which led to the motorist’s arrest on Wednesday evening.

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