Office for iPad now supports mouse or touchpad

If you want to work productively on an iPad, you can now use a mouse or touchpad instead of your finger. The support applies to Word, Excel and PowerPoint and also includes support for the built-in touchpad of the Apple Magic Keyboard.

Thanks to the new input methods you can quickly navigate around text and photos. The cursor is context sensitive so that you can get the most out of the Apple Magic Keyboard.

office ipad

You can highlight text with the cursor in Word, reduce or enlarge images and charts in PowerPoint and select multiple cells in Excel.

Fluent UI

Along with the introduction of the cursor, Microsoft has also been in the update Fluent UI processed. The well-known ribbon at the top changes radically to make more room for smart functions that you need at that moment.

At the same time, Microsoft plans to soon provide Excel with additional support for multiple documents, better contextual menus and offline support for cloud files. This update will roll out in the coming months. Mouse and keyboard support is here today and should be available in the coming days and weeks, according to The Verge.

Tip: Microsoft gives a taste of new Office design

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