Offenbach threatens the highest corona warning level |

With an incidence of over 70, Offenbach is approaching the highest corona warning level. If necessary, the Ministry of Social Affairs could intervene. Only three areas in all of Germany report even higher numbers.



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Just a few weeks ago Offenbach was already the front runner in the negative sense: The city reported the highest number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants nationwide within seven days.

On Saturday, Offenbach ranks high again in the nationwide statistics with an incidence of 70.6. Only two districts in Berlin (Neuk├Âlln 133.9; Mitte 90.9) and the district of Cloppenburg in Lower Saxony (80.3) are above this.

Highest warning level threatens

The city is thus approaching the highest warning level of the state’s escalation concept – in Hesse, neither a city nor a district has so far exceeded this threshold. In the case of an incidence of over 75, according to the concept, the COVID-19 planning staff of the Ministry of Social Affairs “takes control of the medical situation”.

This means a very close exchange with the municipalities and the accompanying advice, the ministry said on Saturday when asked by HR. A spokeswoman confirmed that they are already in close contact with the city of Offenbach. The COVID-19 planning team was convened this week, and Offenbach also took part in this meeting.

Municipalities continue to be responsible

According to the ministry, however, the municipalities themselves are consistently responsible – unless one comes to the conclusion that the measures are not sufficient. So far this has not been the case: “From our point of view, the city of Offenbach has taken all the necessary measures,” said the spokeswoman. In response to rising numbers, the city had decided, among other things, to restrict contact, expanded the mask requirement and declared a curfew.

“We are monitoring the situation very closely. Among other things, the situation in inpatient and outpatient areas, so far there have been no bottlenecks here.” Offenbach himself reported on Friday that seven citizens are currently being treated in hospital for a Covid 19 disease, and that their condition is mostly stable. A total of 116 people are acutely infected.

Help for corona hotspots

The city did not initially find out on Saturday whether further restrictions or other measures are being planned in Offenbach.

On Friday, the mayors of the eleven largest German cities, including Frankfurt, agreed in a switch with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on stricter rules and help for corona hotspots.

At the request of the affected cities, the armed forces and experts from the Robert Koch Institute would be sent to the hotspots to help contain the pandemic, according to the joint decision of the mayor.

Broadcast: hr-iNFO, 10.10.2020, 17:00

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