Offenbach: The fee for resident parking permits increases from 30 to 75 euros

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Electric cars will continue to park for free in the city

As in other cities, the parking fee for residents in Offenbach will also increase in the coming year. In his last session, the magistrate decided that an annual fee of 75 euros instead of 30.70 euros will have to be paid for the parking permit for residents from 1 January 2023. The reason for the relatively moderate increase is the increasing parking pressure in residential areas. Road space is limited, while Offenbach’s population continues to grow and so does the number of registered motor vehicles. Cities in Hesse have been able to issue their own parking tariffs for residents since January 2022. The new regulation is intended to improve opportunities for municipalities to promote sustainable urban development and achieve climate-friendly traffic targets through own parking management. Vehicle owners should adequately share the costs incurred in providing public parking. At the same time, switching to alternative means of transport should become more attractive: In the relatively compact city of Offenbach, many routes can easily be covered by bicycle or public transport.

Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Frankfurt have opted for an increase to 120 euros, which is roughly the national average. Parking fees for residents are much higher in Berlin for example (220 euros), individual cities such as Freiburg are based on one euro per day. Public parking in Offenbach remains much cheaper than parking in a multi-storey car park, which usually costs three figures per month.

It was also decided to reintroduce free parking for electric vehicles, valid until the end of 2021. Cars with electronic registration plates can use public car parks free of charge until 31 December 2025, for which a parking fee is otherwise payable. Important: The maximum permissible parking time must not be exceeded even by electric cars – a parking disc must be displayed.

(Text: PM Municipality of Offenbach)

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