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All the to recover financially after the . What you should know about the Colombian Government subsidy of President Iván Duque for the most affected households during these last months of . As you remember, the will go until December, and in the the fourth turn will be delivered. Are you a beneficiary? Follow the steps below lines to collect part of the 480 thousand pesos or the same full.

Take note. The first three collections have already occurred in a large part of the selected population, the same that is awaiting this fourth installment. It should be remembered that the families chosen to access this They are those that are not part of any other social program such as Families in Action, Youth in Action and Colombia Mayor and consists of three installments of 160 thousand pesos to complete the amount of 480 thousand.

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Important, in addition, citizens who could not collect the first payments, do not have to worry, since in this third stage they will be able to collect the total amount of the Solidarity Income (480,000 pesos), as well as when the fourth installment is distributed. Let’s go with the information. To receive it, it is not necessary to register or apply for the subsidy in any way.

Withdrawal date of Solidarity Income

President Iván Duque announces that the Solidarity Income program will run until December of this year due to the emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic. The beneficiaries of the Solidarity Income will receive a total of $ 1,440,000 to mitigate the economic effects of COVID-19. The director of the DNP, Luis Alberto RodIguez said that those who receive $ 480,000 through June will receive an additional $ 960,000 through December.

When will the fourth turn of the Solidarity Income be delivered?

The Solidarity Income will continue until the end of the year, so it is expected that the fourth turn of the Government benefit will be delivered this week of July. People must be attentive to the bank accounts or platforms where they receive this subsidy, to verify if they received this new payment of 160,000 pesos.

“We made a draft of 160,000 pesos in April, we are also making a second of 160,000 in May, in June and we will do the same for the month of July to December,” said Luis Alberto Rodríguez, director of the National Planning Department.

Solidarity Income delivery process

He from Colombia (National Planning Department) has provided this information:

  • Identification of beneficiaries: the DNP will make the selection taking into account the most updated information from the Sisbén, DPS, MinTrabajo, MinSalud and MinHacienda databases.
  • Who are the beneficiaries? They are households in poverty that do not receive any monetary transfer from any social program of the Colombian State.
  • Attention to the cell phone: Those who are chosen and do not have accounts in the financial system will be sent a text message to their cell phone, indicating the financial institution where they must open their user-friendly digital product to receive the resources.
  • Bank accounts: to the beneficiaries who have a savings account with a financial institution, they will be credited to it. In addition, the entity must notify them of the subscription by text message.

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Places to collect Solidarity Income

The banks in which you can collect the DNP Solidarity Income are the following:

  • Movie
  • social housing Bank
  • Bancamía
  • Bancolombia

Solidarity Income: How do I know if I am a beneficiary?

The first thing is to enter the official platform of the -make To access-. On the web you can see if you are a beneficiary and if your money orders are in process.

When you enter the page it is important that you have your ID at hand. At the top right you will find a button that takes you to a form in which you must enter the identification number, Name, last name, document issue date and your cellphone. It will appear on the screen if you are a beneficiary.

You must fill in all the boxes to see if you access Solidarity Income. (Photo: capture)

What if I don’t collect the previous two turns?

The President of the Republic, Iván Duque, pointed out that those who have not yet made the three withdrawals and so far join in this aid, .

“When we have the third turn of For Colombian families, we know that there are some that have not yet entered the database and, as we said last month, those who did not have the first turn would have both accumulated and those who arrive for the first time at Solidarity Income, this month they will receive the equivalent of $ 480,000, which is the three accumulated money orders that we have for this emergency ”, said.



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