of Yellow Pages employees ordered to pay overpayments

The yellow Pages. Drawing – Mychèle Daniau AFP/Archives

Several hundred SoLocal employees, ex-Yellow Pages, will have to reimburse overpayments of wages of “up to 8,000 euros” after computer errors, sources said on Tuesday union, confirming information from West France. Between 750 and 850 employees, all salespeople, are affected by these overpayments.

“As a general rule, it is several hundred euros but some will have to reimburse up to 8,000 euros”, according to Frédéric Gallois, central delegate of the Force Ouvrière (FO). ” The employees learned about it by email or post just before the holidays, ”adds Alexandre Gamay from CFE-CGC. “This is the result of repeated mistakes over the past two years. “

The company has not commented

The cause would be a payroll “interface problem between software”, which would have generated an “overvaluation of commissions” affected by employees. A first error concerning partial unemployment during confinement was detected in April. Management then went back to March 2019, finding errors “following sick leave or maternity leave”, specifies Frédéric Gallois.

When questioned, the SoLocal company indicated that it was “not able to respond before August 24, the date of reopening after the summer holidays”. After several years of difficulty, SoLocal, which employs 2,800 people, lost 140 million euros in turnover during containment. Its CEO, Eric Boustouller, wants to transform the company into a French digital champion.

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