Of the US presidential candidates in Latvia, more support for Joe Biden

Among the candidates for the position of the President of the United States in Latvia, there is more support for Joe Biden, TV3 News reports.

Although Latvians cannot vote in the US presidential election, as elsewhere in the world, there are few in Latvia who would not sympathize with either Joe Biden or Trump.

Surveys show that Trump’s international rating is markedly negative. A survey conducted in 33 countries a year ago, surveying less than 40,000 people, shows that 29% trust Tramp but do not trust it twice as much. Even Vladimir Putin has a slightly better international rating.

However, as in America, opinions on Trumps vary in Europe. He has many supporters among those who vote for a highly right-wing, nationally conservative political force.

Not everyone has to agree. Differences in political views are a natural thing in both Latvia and the United States. But the question is, at what point do differences of opinion become so deep that they begin to paralyze the state and poison society.

The data for America probably points to something like a civil war in the minds of citizens. If in 1994 the supporters of the Democratic and Republican parties thought similarly on most issues and were able to sit at the same table and talk, then in a similar study in 2017 there was much less common opinion. It even follows that Republicans and Democrats are reluctant to sit at the same table. To talk from such a distance, they shout to each other.

The signs of civil war are also visible in the minds of Americans in the so-called information bubbles in which each party lives. Another study shows that the majority of Baiden’s voters do not trust the most popular Republican television channel, Fox News. And, just like in the mirror, the majority of Trump’s voters do not trust CNN, the most popular television channel among Democrats.

A recent Reuters poll showed that 43% of Baiden’s supporters would not accept Trump’s victory. And a similar proportion – 41% – Trump supporters say they will not accept Biden’s victory. Some of them say they will take to the streets if their candidate does not win.

It must be said that there are terrible data showing polarization and societal fragmentation. Some say – this is how democracy can die. Hopefully it won’t be so crazy.

But perhaps, looking at it, we do not have to argue about which American side is right, but rather think about how not to import bacilli of such severe polarization. It is important that ‘society’ does not turn into warring tribes that no longer want to be together.

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