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OVERTURNED: The SIAN car is in the ditch after the collision on Friday night.

Both the driver and the passenger who drove the car with SIAN leader Lars Thorsen on Saturday afternoon, have been arrested and charged.


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In a video filmed inside the car of the two accused, phrases are exchanged in another language. The passenger swears loudly.

– Move.

– Beat them.

– Drive.

It shows a translation VG has made of the language exchange in the period before the car of the two women drives into the military-patterned car, which ended up on the roof.

Watch video of the drama that took place on E6 at Mortensrud:

It is mainly the passenger who speaks, and it is she who shouts “drive”.

SIAN leader Lars Thorsen and four others were in the car that ended up on the roof. No one was seriously injured, but the police have stated that they are looking into it. “as a serious incident».

The woman who was the driver is charged with grievous bodily harm, and on Sunday the passenger was also arrested and charged with complicity in grievous bodily harm. She has not yet been questioned. To Dagbladet says police attorney Aase Schartum-Hansen that none of the women admit criminal guilt.

The passenger’s defender Ole Petter Drevland says he has spoken to his client, and that she has given an explanation to the police on Saturday.

– It is of course a special situation, and there is a lot of fuss. It is, of course, stressful.

Shortly before the collision, SIAN members set fire to a Koran at an intersection at Mortensrud in Oslo. A video shows that more people come to the place, and there is a great atmosphere before the Sian leader and his entourage drive on.

The police believe this is the background for the collision, something too SIAN leader Lars Thorsen has confirmed.

VG spoke to the woman who was a passenger just after the collision on Saturday afternoon.

– They crashed our car first and sprayed it. We crashed back afterwards in self-defense. Their car rolled around, she said then.

DAMAGE TO THE CAR: This car was involved in the incident with the SIAN leader on E6.

The woman also said that they extinguished a burning version of the Koran after SIAN members had set it on fire at Mortensrud, as a video from the place also shows.

– I extinguished the fire with my hand. No one else dared. All Muslims are with me when I put out the fire.

The SIAN leader confirmed on Saturday to VG that a person in the car sprayed a defense spray in the window of the car that followed them.

The police state that they are investigating broadly, and are investigating whether various incidents are related to the collision.

– We are investigating what has happened. We conduct interrogations, and go through video material, among other things. For investigative reasons, we can not provide further information about the case, says police attorney Aase Schartum-Hansen.

The police continuously assess any measures regarding the safety of those involved. Among other things, the police conduct security interviews.

BURNT: SIAN members set fire to the Koran in several places in the capital on Saturday.

Will not give an explanation

So far, VG has not managed to get in touch with the defender of the driver, who is charged with grievous bodily harm.

The woman gave an explanation on the spot, but has so far not wanted to be questioned further, according to Schartum-Hansen.

She further writes that it may be relevant to extend the charge, but it is too early to say anything about it at this time.

When asked about the safety of the accused, as well as the SIAN leader and other members, Schartum-Hansen writes the following:

– The police continuously assess any measures regarding the safety of those involved.

Lawyer John Christian Elden is an assistance lawyer for the five who were in the SIAN car.

– It is starting to get high temperature in Oslo. Freedom of expression on all sides needs space, and is a fundamental democratic human right. It seems to be going well with the victims in the case now, and it is too early to conclude anything, but the police must in any case prioritize attacks on democratic principles, he writes to VG.

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