October 17, 4,645 Nakes Injected Booster Vaccine

Jakarta: Total power health (Nakes) and health support personnel receiving the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine continues to grow. A total of 1,070,061 health workers have received vaccination booster.

“That number has increased by 4,645 from yesterday,” said a statement on the vaccine.kemkes.go.id page quoted on Sunday, October 17, 2021.

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Vaccines are given to health workers who have received the first and second doses. The total target of vaccination for this group is 1,468,764 people.

“So that vaccination the third dose of health workers is 72.85 percent,” the data reads.

Vaccine booster for health workers is regulated in the Circular of the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control Number: HK.02.01/1/1919/2021. The government does not allow groups outside of health workers to be injected with the third dose of vaccine.

The third dose of vaccine for health workers uses the Moderna brand. The reason is that the Moderna vaccine has a higher efficacy than the current vaccine brand.

Vaccination booster This still takes into account the health condition of the target. If you have allergies because you cannot get a vaccine with an mRNA platform, you can use the same type of vaccine with the first and second doses.

Moderna vaccine used as a booster is mRNA-1273. The injection is done intramuscularly 0.5 ml per dose.



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