Ocine Tahar leaves AS Saint-Priest and its U15 R1

The coach of the U15 R1 of the Sang & Or formation in the east of Lyon confirmed to Actufoot his decision not to continue the adventure next season.

Ocine Tahar will no longer coach U15 R1 next season

Player having evolved in CFA and CFA2 (current N3) with US Vénissieux, Draguignan, Minguettes and MDA (current GOAL FC), Ocine Tahar began his coaching career at AS Saint-Priest in 2013 in the categories U8-U9, before becoming Cédric Casset’s assistant with the U16s and then taking the lead of the U15 R1 in the summer of 2018. Within the San-Priote formation, he allowed many talents to come together. to reveal, like Amine Messoussa, who is now panicking the counters with the LOSC National U17s.

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