Occupies a luxury resort in Bo Kluea Invading the forest upstream of the Nan River, summoning a young actress Baifern to clarify

As of 16:30 on December 9, 2022, Maj-Gen Piyaphan Pattarapongsin Nan Provincial Police Commander with Special Operations Sonthi is working with Bo Kluea District Administration. Unit no. 7 Forest Protection and Conservation (Bo Kluea), Forest Resources Management Office 3, Phrae Branch, Royal Forest Department, Marine Department Officials Bring a subpoena from Nan Provincial Court to search Rai resort Kamphaeng Dao, Starwall Sapan, a resort with millions of views. in popular tourist destinations Sapan-Bo Kluea Intersection Huai Mi, Huai Thon, Ban Na Pong, village No. 1, Dong Phaya Sub-District, Bo Kluea District, Nan Province after disobeying the announcement This is an area that has been confiscated by criminal prosecution and asset seizure. Since October 31, 2022, due to the construction of 12 tourist houses, encroaching on Doi Phu Kha and Pha Daeng National Forests, an area of ​​more than 3 rai, and announcing a ban on anyone entering the area or taking any action If violated, there will be an offense under the law.

It was found that the operator violated the ad. still open for tourists and selling rooms at a price of 3,000-10,000 baht per room via social media There is also a famous actress as a presenter staying at the resort. and the names of famous people in various circles claiming to be a partner in building credibility Upon examination, it was found that the construction encroached on the Phu Kha-Pha Daeng National Reserved Forest. forestry officer and the Bo Kluea Police Station He inspected and confiscated for evidence of wrongdoing

Forestry officials of Nan Forest Protection Unit 7, Bo Kluea District 3rd Forest Resource Management Bureau, Phrae Branch, Royal Forest Department jointly inspected and seized an area of ​​3 rai 3 ngan 65 square wah for trespassing in restricted national forest on October 31, 2022 according to daily article 1 at 10:00 Criminal case no. 119/2565, goods confiscated in case of invasion of forest reserves n. -/2565, dated October 31, 2022, Bo Kluea Police Station. Including closing the tender “Anyone is forbidden to enter the area or act in any way. If violated, there will be an offense under the law. Including posting advertisements inviting tourists to stay by bringing a cloth to cover the bulletin board

Occupies a luxury resort in Bo Kluea Invading the forest upstream of the Nan River, summoning a young actress Baifern to clarify

During the seizure During the inspection, the atmosphere was tense. because the operator does not cooperate with the authorities. They also pressure officers using their mobile phones to record video and sound all the time. He denied all allegations referring to elders and lawyers. Even while searching There are tourists who book rooms online at a price of 19,800 baht to travel and also stay. That officers spent more than 2 hours, then Police Captain Thanit Thimit, Detective Officer Bo Kluea Police Station arrested four suspects: 1. Chainarong Chumkaew, 32, 2. Ms. Janyaporn Kerdsakul, 23, 3. Mr. Kwan Khunnuun, 34 years old and 4. Mr. Wichai Akhara, 25 years old. A total of 11 exhibit pieces were jointly deposited for alleged violations of the order of officials. restricted entry to impound area if trespassing into a National Forest Reserve The National Reserved Forest Act, 1964 operates a hotel business without a licence. Brought to investigators at Bo Kluea Police Station to stand trial

Earlier, at 14:00, they joined forces with the Marine Corps. Ordered to demolish the Nam Wa bridge in Sapan village. Including the buildings encroaching on the Wa River of the luxury resorts in the middle of Sapan village A famous tourist village of Bo Kluea district.

Occupies a luxury resort in Bo Kluea Invading the forest upstream of the Nan River, summoning a young actress Baifern to clarify

to the forest upstream of Nan It is important for the lifestyle of Thai people. Because it is an upstream forest that produces more than 40 percent of the water mass flowing into the Chao Phraya River from the 4 rivers flowing into the Chao Phraya River.

Major General Piyapan Pattarapongsin Nan Provincial Police Chief said the Bo Kluea area in Nan Province has built many housing and resorts. Building to accommodate tourists In the past, there have been complaints that some operators have caused problems. unsanitary place. The cost of accommodation and services is expensive. which has a provincial meeting and many related agencies to carry out the survey Whether on building areas encroaching rivers or forested areas, licenses according to the Building Control Act which officials must enforce the law with all parties fairly and equitably over to create understanding for both entrepreneurs and people in arranging accommodation and resorts in Sapan-Bo Kluea area.

“I would like to advertise to businessmen. or investors who are interested in running a holiday home business Sapan – Bo Kluea should check that the area to be built is correct Do not encroach on forest areas first. In order not to break the law and be prosecuted,” said the provincial police commissioner of Nan.

The reporter also reported that the police are preparing to call the actress. Baifern-Pimchanok clarified in the case of housing review that it violated the law. whether or not they participated in the offensive in the forest reserve Issuing a summons for the female heroine to later come to the Bo Kluea Police Station

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