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On the Facebook group page No al vaccine a post with the following content appeared at Covid 19: In the referendum on cut of parliamentarians are inserted covertly i vaccines e i TSO mandatory, therefore who votes S authorizes his own death and that of others. It is not known which vaccines would be treacherously inoculated, perhaps already in the voting booth, or why the adjective mandatory to Compulsory Health Treatments, which would become so due times. Trivia. The substance that is there big crisis, a Corrado Guzzanti character would have said, but deep down we also knew this. The link logical between the reduction of parliamentarians and the multiplication of vaccines one of the most reckless never proposed by the human mind. By the same principle we could say that by voting No when the honorable members are cut, the closed houses and the batter free in front of the goalkeeper: so occult, means.

Wanting to look for the side ironic of this story grotesque, the new conspiracy theorists try to overturn the fairly obvious outcome of a referendum promoted by the old ones: the Cinquestelle, came to power in a cloud of sirens, fake moon landings and chemtrails that for a couple of years have become topics of establishment. Compared to their heirs, one would say that Grillo’s boys were amateurs, were it not that they would take him for a compliment.

17 September 2020, 07:00 – change on 17 September 2020 | 07:33


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