Obstetrician and gynecologist violated new law restricting abortion in Texas

In a column published in the Washington Post, Alan Blade explains having aborted women beyond the limits set by a conservative state.

An American gynecologist said over the weekend that he had violated Texas’ new abortion law and faced legal action that could allow the text to be tested in court.

In a column published by Washington Post, Alan Braid explains that she had an abortion on September 6 against a woman who “exceeded new limits set by a conservative state” in the southern United States.

A doctor with 45 years of professional experience explains that he acted in accordance with the “duty of care” towards the patient and by respecting “her fundamental rights” to be treated.

“I am well aware that legal consequences can arise, but I would like to make sure that Texan bets that attempt to avoid seemingly unconstitutional legal reviews do not work,” he said.

The new law, which came into force on September 1, prohibits abortion after detection of the embryo’s heartbeat, even in cases of rape or incest, around the 6th week of pregnancy.

Laws that violate American jurisprudence

This contradicts the law of the Supreme Court of the United States, which grants women the right to abort as long as the fetus cannot survive, or about 22 weeks gestation, since 1973. Still, the State Supreme Court has so far refused to suspend him due to “new procedural issues”.

This text certainly contains new provisions. She was asked to file a complaint against anyone suspected of helping a woman to abort six weeks after pregnancy, leaving citizens with caution to apply the measures “exclusively”.

This legal competence has so far made it difficult for federal courts to intervene. Abortion advocates typically sue law enforcement prosecutors, but in the Texas case, no one is citing unless a complaint has been filed.

Biden’s complaint against the state

Dr Braid’s confession should be able to break this deadlock. If sued, he can challenge the legality of the law and the court can rule.

Another legal avenue has been opened in parallel by the government of Democratic President Joe Biden, which has filed a direct complaint against Texas for unconstitutional law.

Obstetrician and gynecologist violated new law restricting abortion in Texas

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