Obolon Defeats Dynamo in Ukrainian Cup 1/8 Finals

Obolon Defeats Dynamo in Ukrainian Cup 1/8 Finals

This week the matches of the 1/8 finals of the Ukrainian Cup of the 2023/24 season are taking place. In one of them, on Wednesday, September 27, Kyiv Obolon and Dynamo met. The match took place in Kyiv at the Obolon Arena stadium.

Photo — Oksana Vasilyeva

Ukrainian Cup. 1/8 finals

“SHELL» (Kyiv) — “DYNAMO» (Kyiv)1:0 (0:0)
Key: Sukhanov (57)

Warnings: Dubko (86), Moroz (90+1) – Buyalsky (53), Shepelev (76)

“Dynamo”: 35. Neshcheret – 20. Karavaev, 4. Popov, 40. Bilovar (34. Sirota, 62), 44. Dubinchak – 6. Brazhko (92. Ramadani, 62), 18. Andrievsky – 7. Yarmolenko, 29. Buyalsky ( K), 30. Diallo (91. Voloshin, 46) – 77. Benito (8. Shepelev, 74).
Spares: 1. Bushchan, 23. Malysh, 24. Tymchik, 25. Dyachuk, 37. Tsarenko.

“Obolon”: 13. Kichak (K), 2. Karas (16. Lukyanchuk, 80), 3. Priymak, 34. Vovkun, 20. Fateev (9. Medinsky, 80), 5. Osman (24. Prokopenko, 70), 19. Kosovsky (17. Chernenko, 80), 37. Dubko, 4. Moroz, 55. Sukhanov (8. Taranukha, 62), 95. Krasnopir.
Spares: 1. Fedorivsky, 14. Chernov, 25. Grusha, 33. Nagiev.

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“Dynamo” tried to press “Obolon” ​​to the goal with the starting whistle, and Lucescu’s team in some sense succeeded, however, Dynamo were unable to bring their actions to the point of actual sharpness in this segment of the meeting – the home team defended, in general, reliably. At the same time, the Brewers themselves persistently looked for chances in attack. And in the 12th minute of the meeting, Obolon could open the scoring: Brazhko made a gross mistake in his own half of the field, missing the ball, as a result, Sukhanov went one on one with Neshcheret, but hesitated while processing the ball and the chance was missed.

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“Dynamo” came close to success for the first time in the 21st minute of the meeting, when a multi-play through the central zone ended with Buyalsky passing into the Obolon penalty area to Benito, who without interference struck from about eight meters, but sent the ball over the crossbar.

However, after this, Obolon, within just five minutes, created a whole series of dangerous moments at the Dynamo goal. First, in the 28th minute of the match, after a cross from the left flank from Osman, the defenders of the “white and blue” completely missed Krasnopir, and he delivered a clear, prepared and, most importantly, accurate header from the corner of the goalkeeper’s area, and only Neshcheret’s reaction saved “ white-blue” from a missed goal. Two minutes later, Sukhanov, having received a pass on the left flank, easily beat Bilovar, moved into the central zone and shot from the penalty area line – the ball almost hit the far crossbar of the Dynamo goal. Then, after a corner kick, Priymak headed it in – Neshcheret played reliably again. Finally, in the 33rd minute of the meeting, another attack by Obolon ended with a shot from Krasnopir from the right side of the penalty area – this time the Dynamo goalkeeper reached the ball with some difficulty.

The guests responded to this with another shot from Benito from a killer position, but, shooting from 10 meters, the Dynamo striker again sent the ball past Kichak’s goal. I also remember Andrievsky’s volley from outside the penalty area, but it also turned out to be inaccurate. As a result, the teams left for the break with zeros on the scoreboard.

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In the second half, the teams demonstrated more positional football, acting with less risk and paying more attention to their rears. However, already in the 57th minute, Obolon managed to achieve success – it was Sukhanov, having received a pass in the central zone, with a sharp shot from 18 meters, and the ball, first hitting the post, then bounced into the net – 1:0 .

It is interesting that, having taken the lead, Obolon did not even think about “rolling back” to their half of the field, but still tried to control the ball. But, of course, over time, Dynamo’s desire to win back outweighed it, and from about the 65th minute of the match, the game began to take place under the sign of the white-blues’ positional advantage, and the Brewers now concentrated their efforts on defense and counterplay.

But only in the 84th minute of the match did Dynamo finally manage to create a scoring chance – Buyalsky shot accurately and powerfully from the bottom, and it took Kichak a lot of effort to convert the shot to a corner. And after serving from the corner of the field, Yarmolenko managed to head the ball in a difficult situation, but again Obolon was rescued by Kichak – he reached the ball right at his goal line. Finally, in the 87th minute of the match, Buyalsky, shooting from a free kick, hit the crossbar.

Well, “Dynamo” could not achieve more that evening, so the chief referee, in the end, recorded a minimal victory for “Obolon” ​​- 1:0. Thus, Dynamo failed to solve the problem of reaching the 1/4 finals of the Ukrainian Cup (remember, none of the stages of the tournament includes return matches).

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Let us add that in their next match Dynamo will play with Oleksandriya in the 9th round of the Ukrainian championship. This match will take place next Sunday, October 1, in Kyiv at the Dynamo stadium named after Valery Lobanovsky (starts at 19:00).

Alexander POPOV from the Obolon-Arena stadium

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