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Three fires in Hesse caused property damage in the millions. Plastic parts from a company caught fire in the Main-Kinzig district. In Obertshausen, a shisha bar caught fire. There was also a fire in a supermarket in Rüsselsheim.

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Fires with property damage in the millions

Clouds of smoke can be seen in the sky over Obertshausen.

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A fire on an open space in Sinntal (Main-Kinzig) caused property damage of around 800,000 euros on Saturday afternoon. Boxes with plastic parts from a company were on fire, as a police spokesman in Offenbach said on Saturday.

According to the information, there were no injuries. The cause of the fire has not yet been clarified. About 60 firefighters were on duty. The fire was quickly extinguished, police said.

Shisha bar porch on fire

A shisha bar caught fire in Obertshausen (Offenbach) on Saturday afternoon. Clouds of smoke rolled over the city. According to the police, the porch of the shisha bar caught fire, and parts of the shisha bar were also on fire. No one was injured in the fire.

How the fire started is still unclear. The police estimate the property damage at half a million euros.

Dense clouds of smoke can be seen in front of a shisha bar in Oberthausen.

Dense clouds of smoke can be seen in front of a shisha bar in Oberthausen.

Rüsselsheim supermarket in full fire

Another fire broke out in a supermarket in Rüsselsheim-Königstädten on Saturday evening. According to the police, the fire broke out in the store’s storage area and quickly spread to the entire supermarket.

According to the information, employees and customers were able to leave the building unharmed. The population was informed via a radio warning that they should keep doors and windows closed as a precaution during the extinguishing work.

The police are assuming the damage is in the millions. The cause of the fire is still unclear.


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