Oakland Athletics coach celebrates Nazi salute in MLB (video)

Ryan Christenson, coach the bank of Athletics Oakland celebrated the triumph of his team by making a nazi salute.

Controversy! Ryan Christenson, coach the bank of Athletics from Oakland made a nazi salute in celebration of his team’s win against the Texas Rangers.

This happened on the day of August 06, Major League Baseball (MLB). Here is the video:

After what happened with his coach and this Nazi sign, Athletics Oakland’s issued a statement from itself Christenson, apologizing:

“I had a mistake and I will not deny it. Today in the dugout I congratulated the players with a gesture that was offensive. In today’s world, with COVID, I adapted our elbow clash that we do as a celebration, to create distance with the players. My gesture, unintentionally, was a horrible and racist greeting. What I did is unacceptable and I deeply regret it, ”said Christenson.

For his part, Atlético condemned what was done by his coach and likewise, he regrets and apologizes for it.

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