O2 TV will completely block forward on Prima stations

Author: Filip Rožánek

From June 1 O2 TV will not work fast forward when watching Prima TV programs from the archive. According to the operator, this was currently the only technical way to comply with television requirements to ban advertising. On competing stations, movement in the recording will work normally.

“With regard to the strict requirements of FTV Prima, we had no choice but to completely remove the forward scrolling function on its channels,” said O2 TV’s content manager. Anna Lenerová. 

Prima klesne in EPG

From June onwards, the order of TV channels in all tariffs will also change at O2 TV. Nova group stations will move to higher positions in the EPG, while Prima group stations in the EPG will fall.

“Nova has been striving for more visible and more accessible places in the channel list for a long time. We also contacted the customers themselves, who wanted to have Nova stations on hand right away – without having to browse the EPG. That is why we have been changing the order of channels since June 1 so that it reflects not only the ever-increasing quality of Nova’s content, but also the preservation of all the features that IPTV customers pay for – that is, the possibility of any rewind, “adds Anna Lenerová.

Nova Cinema, Nova Fun, Nova Gold, Nova Action and Nova Lady will move to higher positions than Prima channels. Above the list will also be sports stations, the Filmbox film program or, for example, the BBC World News.

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Customers will still be able to arrange the stations according to their own taste, if the default order from the operator does not suit them.

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