Nyusha in a sexy dress arranged hot dances

The singer shared a candid video, thrilling fans.

Nyusha. Photo: instagram.com/nyusha_nyusha/

Nyusha always had a spectacular appearance. Even becoming a mother and a married girl, she did not lose her courage. The 30-year-old singer is happy to shoot videos for TikTok and is constantly changing her image. At the same time, the artist manages to take care of her two-year-old daughter Simba. She recently spent a month in the Maldives with her family. The singer regularly sunbathed, flaunted in a bikini, arranged photo shoots and filmed spicy videos.

Only recently did Nyusha return to Moscow. She immediately started filming in various projects. The girl also released the video “Dirty Dances” with the Belarusian singer Oleg Savchenko. She decided to show herself from a new side. And on March 1, the singer posted a video in which she danced, performing bold movements. The artist appeared in a black mini dress with puffy sleeves. The outfit hugged every curve of her body.

The singer moved gracefully and wagged her hips. She braided her hair and put on glasses with a pink tint.

“I rush in on Monday with the mood of Friday …” – shared the star.

The fans were struck by the beauty of the girl and her figure. “You are super, beauty”, “Nude, you dance coolly”, “Light it up like this more often”, “Nyusha is such a beauty in this dress! Nezhnyatina “,” When she grew up on her songs, but she looked younger “,” Dirty dancing drives you crazy “,” Oh, krashiha! ” Yes, modesty has disappeared, it has become just … and where is the husband looking? ” – the subscribers commented on the post.

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