Nyusha in a black dress-shirt and fashionable boots appeared in public

The singer arrived at the Moskvarium, where she took part in a conference on environmental protection. The girl chose an elegant monochrome look.

Nyusha. Photo: instagram.com/nyusha_nyusha/

Nyusha has been performing on stage for many years. Few people know that she is the daughter of a former member of the Laskoviy May collective. For a long time, it was dad who was the producer of the artist. And when the girl got married, she did not renew the contract with her father. Now she herself is engaged in her work, and her husband Igor Sivov helps her. The singer also managed to become a mother and is raising daughter Simba… From an early age, she tells a girl how to sort garbage and why the planet’s ecology is threatened.

Previously, Nyusha was noted in outfits made from recycled materials. Even at one of the music awards, she was going to come in a dress made from sweatshirts, but then the artist stayed at home with her daughter. On June 10, she went to the Moskvarium for a conference on ecology. She appeared in public in a stylish monochrome look.

Nyusha was dressed in a black dress-shirt and a fitted jacket. Her feminine look was complemented by rough boots with thick soles. Such shoes in fashion not the first season. The artist was happy to tell how she sorts garbage and why she is so worried about the environment.

Fans admired how the artist looks. Many gave compliments to the young mother. “You were simply irresistible”, “So much beauty”, “The lady in black, so mesmerizing”, “Very cool image”, “Unsuccessful outfit, you are even lower in it”, “Such Thumbelina”, “Nyusha is lovely, but the image is gloomy “, – began to write web users.

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