Nyusha dressed her daughter in a loose-fitting dress with ruffles and unicorns

The singer boasted of the stylish outfit of her heiress.

Nyusha with her daughter. Photo: instagram.com/nyusha_nyusha/

Nyusha is a popular singer. She has been performing on stage since a young age. By the way, few people know that her father Vladislav Shurochkin was a member of the Laskoviy May musical group. It was he who produced his daughter for a long time. And after marriage, the girl decided to independently engage in her work. She is happily married to Igor Sivov, to whom she gave a daughter. The girl received the unusual name Simba.

According to Nyusha, they chose such an unusual name to make it memorable and vivid. At one time, the singer had to take a pseudonym, since her real name Anna seemed boring to her. She felt that her child should have an unusual name from birth. The artist loves the heiress and often dresses her up. She recently showed here white dress with a fluffy skirt as well printed outfit, in which the baby has breakfast with her grandmother.

Now Nyusha captured her daughter who was eating candy on a stick. Simba wore a bright, ruffled, unicorn-patterned dress. The tangerine-colored outfit was complemented by silver sandals with socks. The hair of the crumbs was gathered in a ponytail.

“Find the candy,” the star wrote.

Fans admired the artistic girl. Many noted that she is growing up as a fashionista. “A very beautiful girl”, “Cutie, not a child”, “How she matured. Pretty “,” Sweet girl “,” So big already “,” Her dress is cool “,” Oh and fashionable “,” A copy of Nyusha, “the subscribers commented on the post.

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