NYT: Even under sanctions, Russia produces missiles

Some of the cruise missiles that Russia fired at Ukrainian civilian infrastructure in late November, they were produced months after the sanctions were imposed by the Westwith the aim of depriving Moscow of the components necessary to manufacture these weapons, writes the New York Times (NYT).

That’s the conclusion of experts at Conflict Armament Research, a UK-based independent group that identifies and traces weapons and ammunition, used during wars. Shortly before the Russian missile attack in November, a small group of experts arrived in Kiev at the invitation of the Ukrainian authorities.

Russia begins serial production of the Sarmat strategic missile

The missile was successfully tested in November

They are examining the remains of X-101 cruise missiles found in Kiev after the November 23 Russian attack that caused a large-scale blackout in Ukraine. According to the group’s report released on Monday, one of the rockets was produced this summer and another after September, as evidenced by the markings on it.

A Russian missile shot down by Ukraine has landed in a village in Moldova

A Russian missile shot down by Ukraine has landed in a village in Moldova

The windows of several houses were broken

According to one of the Conflict Armament Research experts, the fact that Russia continues to produce advanced guided missiles, such as the X-101, indicates that Moscow has found ways to obtain semiconductors and other equipment despite the sanctions, or that it has had significant stocks of components before the start of the war.

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