NYPD increases security in religious centers of the city

After state authorities confirmed that the shooting and murder of 10 people in Buffalo was motivated by racial hatred, security was increased in the five boroughs; especially in temples with African-American parishioners.

In the vicinity of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Manhattan, the concern of the parishioners could also be felt.


NYPD increases surveillance in religious centers in the city.

Heavily armed, the shooter entered the supermarket at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, apparently dressed in camouflage military clothing, a helmet and an assault rifle.

After shouting racist insults against the African-Americans who were inside the premises, he began to shoot at them: seven people died there. All this while the gunman allegedly broadcast live with a camera on his helmet, through the Twitch social network.

Leaving the supermarket, the 18-year-old subject, identified as Payton Gendron, shot four other people, killing three of them. In total, ten were the fatal victims and three were injured.

The person in charge is Payton Gendron, 18 years old.

State Attorney General Letitia James noted that this event will not define Buffalo. She stressed that this crime was committed by an irrational criminal and racist, and she recalled the words of Dr. Luther King Jr. when he said that only love can overcome hate.

One of the victims has been identified as a retired Buffalo police officer who tried to stop the individual by facing gunshots but was killed instantly.

For her part, Katty Houkul, governor of NY, said: “I have called for a full investigation so that this individual receives the full weight of the law.”

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The suspect pleaded not guilty. However, he was charged with first-degree murder and, if found guilty, would spend the rest of his life in prison without bail.

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