NYCT Employee Recognized for Heroic Rescue of Passenger Pushed onto Train Tracks

Ángel Oquendo, a New York City Transit (NYCT) employee, received recognition from the MTA for his reaction and rescue of a passenger who was pushed onto the train tracks.

Fortunately, he did not trip on an electrified rail and survived the attack without serious injuries.

“Angel is a testament to the great work of all the employees”

Through a statement, the MTA’s senior vice president of subways, Demetrius Crichlow, assured that during the rescue Ángel Oquendo “was fulfilling his duties and did not seek any type of recognition”.

“Having employees like Angel is a testament to the great work of everyone at NYC Transit”he stressed.

According to the MTA, Oquendo was cleaning windows along the platform to the south, just when he heard a loud noise, turned around and saw the passenger on the tracks. Immediately, he ran and bent down to pull it out, carrying it to the platform before an R train pulled into the station.

He also requested support from the station cabin agent and the New York Police Department.

After the attack, the suspect tried to escape, but minutes later he was detained by the authorities.

“I thought this would be a normal day, but I saw someone who needed help, so I did it. I would do it again if I had to.”said Ángel Oquendo, who has worked at NYC Transit for 16 years.

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