NYC Sanitation Worker Examination Period Begins June 8 – NBC New York (47)

The city announced Tuesday that the filing period for the next sanitation worker exam will begin on Wednesday, June 8.

Mayor Eric Adams, the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) and the city’s Department of City Administrative Services (DCAS) encouraged all interested parties to take the exam, which has not been offered. since 2015.

“It’s an incredible opportunity and it doesn’t come around every day. In addition to competitive pay and full benefits, sanitation workers are doing important work keeping our city clean, safe and healthy,” said DSNY Commissioner Jessica Tisch.

“Becoming a city sanitation worker offers a unique and unmatched opportunity. We want the Department of Sanitation to be as diverse as the city it serves and we urge all New Yorkers to register, for your community, for your families and for yourselves,” he added.

The submission period will run until June 28. Those interested can register for the exam at or visit a DCAS computer-based Testing and Application Center. The exam is a multiple-choice, computer-based exam that will be offered on a rolling basis, and is expected to begin in September.

Following the exam, DCAS will create a hiring list, ranked by total score, and will hire eligible candidates from the list in numerical order as positions become available.


  • You must have a high school diploma or GED by the appointment date.
  • You must be at least 17 1/2 years of age to take the exam.
  • You must have a valid New York State Commercial Driver’s License prior to your appointment date (and be 21 years of age for interstate driving).
  • New employees must be vaccinated against the coronavirus virus (COVID-19), unless they have been granted a reasonable accommodation based on religion or disability.
  • You must pass a physical test, meet medical guidelines, and pass a drug and alcohol screen.
  • For the first five years of employment, you must live within NYC, Nassau, or Westchester counties.
  • Obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL)

The current starting salary for a sanitation worker is $40,622 per year. With periodic increases under the current labor agreement, the base salary can increase up to $83,465 after completing five and a half years of service. Sanitation workers can earn differential pay based on assignment or overtime in addition to their annual base wages.

Job duties, in addition to garbage and recycling collection, include operating mechanical brooms, cleaning open lots, removing CFCs from appliances, and shoveling snow, as well as other duties in the department.

DSNY noted that the role of a sanitation worker is the first step in a career that includes becoming a supervisor, superintendent, chief, or joining the Sanitation Police, among others.

The agency encouraged New Yorkers from “traditionally underserved communities” to apply for the opportunity.

Adams attributed the success of his career to the start of taking a civil service exam.

“The life of service to our city that has gotten me to where I am today began when I took a civil service exam. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – it changed my life forever, and in these trying times, it can do the same for so many of the women and men in our neighborhoods. Show your strength by becoming one of the strongest in New York,” said the Mayor.

DCAS published its schedule for other civil service examsas an associate human rights specialist, auto mechanic, marine oiler, and child protection specialist.

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