NYC beaches reopen this Saturday 28

José Morales has been going from Elmhurst to Far Rockaway beach for years to fish with his friends.

For Morales, the reopening of the beaches is news that fills him with joy.

“Perfect, because there are many people who are crazy to leave the house, because we have been so long, so long locked up in the houses, that now when the opportunity presents itself, we go out, we take advantage of it,” Morales said.

During the beach reopening ceremony, officials from the city’s Recreation and Parks department welcomed the community after almost three years of using the resorts with limitations.

Starting Saturday through Labor Day weekend, eight city public beaches will be open for swimming and recreation from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with lifeguards on duty.

In addition, the representatives announced the integration of various family activities that return after the pandemic. For Leticia, who often comes with her grandchildren, this announcement is very important.

“They have different things, they go to see theater, they go to see ‘daycare’ for the children and it is a… for the community it is very cool, very cool,” said Leticia Lavalle.

“Employees have longed for this return to normality,” said Natalia Peralta, deputy director of Recreation in Queens, Parks department.

“They feel happy and very grateful to be able to return to what they like to do,” added Peralta.

In addition, the community of merchants will be able to resurface since they will receive their clients without the limitations that due to the pandemic caused them losses.

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Above all, municipal officials ask the community to exercise caution and not swim at times or in areas that are not allowed, which will be marked with red flags.

“The beaches reopen tomorrow! Remember to swim only where lifeguards are present. Look for the orange umbrellas! Our lifeguards are on duty from 10am to 6pm daily from Saturday May 28th through Sunday September 11th,” he wrote. the Parks department in a social media message.

“New York City parks are here for you to enjoy, but we also want you to maintain them, maintain the parks and obey the regulations that we have,” said Iris Rodríguez Rosa, deputy commissioner of Parks and Recreation.

For more information about the reopening of the different beaches and the activities that will be available, you can go to the website or send a text message to 877-877

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