NY raises three pieces of legislation that guarantee that September 11 first responders have access to available benefits – Telemundo New York (47)

NEW YORK – To commemorate the 20th anniversary of September 11, Governor Kathy Hochul signed three laws to ensure that all first responders who participated in the World Trade Center rescue, recovery and cleanup operations can access the benefits available.

The bills make it easier for first responders to apply for World Trade Center benefits by broadening the criteria and allowing online submission of notices that members of a retirement system participated in rescue, recovery or clean-up operations. Ground Zero.

“As we commemorate the 20th anniversary of a day that touched the lives of each and every New Yorker, we remember those who lost and honor those who are with us today and who participated in the rescue, recovery, and cleanup of the World. Trade Center, “Governor Hochul said. “These laws will help not only the first responders who were at the World Trade Center that terrible day and those who cleaned up the site for weeks, but also the emergency dispatchers and communications personnel who keep us safe today. We will make sure that that they receive the support and benefits they deserve. “

9/11 legislation to ensure that all first responders receive the support they need. These are:

  1. Expansion of the criteria to define the rescuers who participated in the rescue of the World Trade Center:

This legislation (S.4961-B / A.6384-A) expands the definition of a member who participated in the rescue of the WTC. The term “member” will now include anyone who is currently a member of a public retirement system, regardless of whether the employee was a participant in the system at the time. The employee must have become a participant in the retirement system since that time and have purchased service credit for part or all of the qualifying period.

“As we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I am pleased to see Governor Hochul’s commitment to ensuring that all who were employed in skilled service during the World Trade Center rescue, recovery and cleanup operations will meet the requirement. for the same well-deserved benefits others have received, “said Assemblyman Peter Abbate.

  • Increased accessibility when applying for World Trade Center benefits:

This legislation (S.7009-A / A.6934-A) creates an online option to file a “WTC Participation Notice” statement with your retirement system to qualify for World Trade Center benefits. This bill would allow systems to accept a “WTC participation notice” sent electronically through an online portal, rather than a written statement.

This bill seeks to simplify the system for submitting notices of participation in the WTC by allowing electronic submission of these notices with a member’s retirement system to ensure that anyone who participated in the rescue, recovery and cleanup can benefit. of the World Trade Center profits.

“On this grim 20th anniversary of 9/11, I thank Governor Kathy Hochul for acting swiftly and turning this important legislation into law. Allowing a member to electronically submit the WTC Notice of Participation through a secure online portal is simply a common sense use of technology to expedite benefits for the workers or loved ones of those who answered the call during the rescue, recovery and response to the attack on the World Trade Center, ”said Senator Diane Savino.

  • Expanding the definition of first responders to include communications workers

This legislation (S.7121 / A.7366-A) defines the term ‘first responders in communications’ and requires employers of such first responders to provide training “to maintain and enhance the knowledge, skills and competence of such first responders. first interveners in communications “. This recognizes 9/11 operators and others in critical positions as first responders.

“I am honored to be the sponsor of this legislation and thank Governor Hochul for enacting a bill that defines excellence in emergency services and demonstrates New York’s respect for these great public servants. Emergency telecoms are the first point of contact for the public in their time of crisis and truly deserve the recognition that this bill gives them, and the designated title of ‘First Responders in Communications,’ “said Assemblyman Peter Abbate.



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