Nvidia Surpasses One Trillion Dollar Market Value Thanks to AI and Data Centers

Nvidia’s market value has exceeded one trillion dollars (that’s 12 zeros) thanks to its successful operation in various market segments. The historical moment was fixed on May 30, when the value of one share reached almost 413 dollars.

Such an enterprise value puts Nvidia on the same shelf as other tech giants and points to Nvidia’s strong position and influence. Although at first glance the company might be associated only with graphics cards intended for enjoying video games, in recent years they have been used to power both artificial intelligence and data centers.

Of course, a large part of the market is covered by the dominance of the video game industry, where only AMD can compete. However, we can see for ourselves how popular artificial intelligence, in which graphics processors are used for computing, has gained in recent months. This has made it possible to find new markets for Nvidia video cards. Also, part of the value is made up of software solutions.

It may be too late to buy Nvidia stock now, but it looks like the company will continue to grow in value anyway. For comparison, one trillion dollars can buy 600 million RTX 4090 graphics cards.

2023-06-01 08:00:00
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