NVIDIA product manager confirms that Discord will support RTX 40 series AV1 encoding, providing more bandwidth-saving live streaming #ada lovelace (188748)

NVIDIA product general manager Gerardo Delgado mentioned on his personal Twitter that Discord will provide updates since January 26, so that the live broadcast function can support the AV1 encoding of NVIDIA RTX 40 series. The biggest benefit is that users can use less network The upload bandwidth provides high-definition live broadcast.

According to Gerardo Delgado’s Twitter, the updated Discord can use 8Mbps bandwidth to provide 4K 60P streaming direct dialing, and it is also compatible with P2P. Switch, even if the viewing computer does not support AV1, it will be converted to H.264 format.

▲ The popularity of AV1 in mobile devices is faster

AV1 is a new generation codec proposed by AOM. VideoLAN and FFmpeg have completed the development of the open source decoder dav1d with the support of AOM. Compared with H.264, it can save half of the bandwidth, and even can reduce the bandwidth by 20% compared to VP9. Although AV1 is not a brand-new encoding format, due to the long cycle of PC product architecture change, and because the usage type is mostly fixed-point, the network bandwidth is more abundant than that of mobile devices, and the import speed is slower than that of mobile devices.

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