NVIDIA prepares Ultra Quality mode for new version of DLSS

Data appeared in Unreal Engine 5 documentation

According to documentation of Unreal Engine 5, a Nvidia is preparing to release Ultra Quality mode in DLSS update (Deep Learning Super Sampling), which, as the name suggests, uses deep learning technology and artificial intelligence to render compatible game boards more efficiently, delivering impressive performance gains.

DLSS mode usually search optimize the relationship between quality and performance in games, allowing even the simplest RTX boards to be able to make use of Ray Tracing and other graphics-enhancing technologies without too much loss in frame rate. Until the last released version of DLSS, the available modes options are Ultra Performance, to deliver the best possible performance, Performance, Balanced and Quality.

However, according to user u/Reinhardovich on Reddit which released part of the Unreal Engine 5 documentation, a new “Ultra Quality” mode has been introduced as placeholder. Epic Games’ new graphics engine and that will be pivotal in the development of several new generation games consoles and for presenting very significant performance gains, so it’s natural that Nvidia has its eye on make the most of the potential of your GeForce RTX 3000 cards for PC versions of games that are eventually cross-platform.

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Credits: u/Reinhardovich

With franchises like Gears and Hellblade already claiming that next titles will be developed in Unreal Engine 5, Nvidia is possibly already gearing up to secure a way to deliver even more impressive graphics on PCs equipped with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 cards as soon as new titles using Unreal Engine 5 start to hit the market.

It is important to emphasize that the new consoles, because they use AMD chips, do not have DLSS technology, but yes AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution that already has this level of delivery with rendering at 77% resolution and 1.3x scale factor, and although so far there is no concrete data on the expected scaling factor or resolution for the Ultra Quality mode of DLSS, it’s possible it’s something close to that.

Source: Videocardz.com



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