Nvidia is said to be preparing the entry-level model GTX 1630

Among the rumors about top models for the RTX 40 series that are said to be just around the corner is a rumor about a new entry-level model in the form of the GTX 1630. A graphics card that will replace the GTX 1050 Ti.

It’s not just the absolute performance segment from Nvidia that is said to be updated soon. While the green team is said to be preparing for a launch of the architecture Lovelace and the top models RTX 4090 and RTX 4090 Ti during the summer, another rumor regarding their budget segment has now begun to circulate.

Rumor has it that Nvidia is currently preparing a graphics card that will replace the long-lived model GTX 1050 Ti. This new graphics card will go under the name GTX 1630 and is a scaled-down variant of the GTX 1650.

The graphics card is said to be based on a 12 nanometer manufacturing process and comes equipped with a GPU in the form of TU117-150. This in turn will offer 512 CUDA cores and is flanked by four gigabytes of GDDR4 memory over a 64-bit wide memory bus. Something that would mean a theoretical memory bandwidth of 98 GB / s.

According to the website Videocardz the clock frequency of the graphics processor should be able to extend up to 1,800 MHz. This should mean that the TDP value remains unchanged compared to GTX 1650 and is 75 W.

The launch of the new graphics card is said to take place on May 31. Which probably means that Nvidia will mention the device during its event in connection with Computex 2022.

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