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Nvidia will introduce five new Ampere video cards during its Graphics Technology Conference 2021. These different GPUs are intended for workstations. Nvidia releases desktop and laptop variants.

For desktops introduces Nvidia a RTX A5000 on RTX A4000. These video cards get 8192 and 6144 CUDA cores. The GPUs have respectively 24GB and 16GB of GDDR6 memory with error-correcting code. The RTX A5000 has a tdp of 230W, according to Nvidia, while the RTX A4000 has a tdp of 140W. Nvidia does not state at the time of writing how many Tensor and ray tracing cores these desktop video cards get. The clock speeds are also still unknown. The GPUs support virtualization and have a PCIe 4.0 interface.

Nvidia Ampere desktop GPUs for workstations
Video card CUDA-colors RT-cores Tensioner-colors Memory Tdp
RTX A4000 6144 nnb nnb 16GB GDDR6 (met ECC) 140W
RTX A5000 8192 nnb nnb 24GB GDDR6 (met ECC) 230W
RTX A6000 10752 84 336 48GB GDDR6 (with ECC) 300W

Nvidia also introduces several new ones laptop video cards for professionals, all of which come with Max-Q optimizations. The company comes with RTX A5000 and RTX A4000 GPUs, which have 6144 and 5120 CUDA cores, and 48 and 40 cores for ray tracing respectively. The RTX A5000 has 16GB of memory and the RTX A4000 has 8GB of vram. The company is also showing RTX A3000 and RTX A2000 video cards for laptops. These chips are positioned lower and get 4096 and 2560 CUDA cores, respectively.

According to Nvidia, the desktop variants will be available later this month. The company does not yet announce recommended prices. Laptops with the new RTX video cards will be released in the second quarter of this year. Nvidia does not specify a specific release date for these chips.

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Nvidia Ampere GPUs for laptops
Video card CUDA-colors RT-cores Tensioner-colors Memory Tdp
RTX A2000 2560 20 80 4GB GDDR6 80-165W
RTX A3000 4096 32 128 6GB GDDR6 80-140W
RTX A4000 5120 40 160 8GB GDDR6 60-130W
RTX A5000 6144 48 192 16GB GDDR6 30-95W

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