Nurses are afraid that there will be another crisis in hospital capacity due to the omicron variant in New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

11:00 at night we will have amuch more complete report.Violet.the news of the possiblemassive contagion in this place,comes when a crisis is fearedthe city.on staten island, nurses anddoctors are busy sowhat can happen in the centerdoctor where they work todaysalgado obtained the testimony ofa nurse on theuncertainty surrounding them.[habla en ingés]mariela: they went out to the bag towith the conditions that areliving in this of many who facelack of capacity, wantssay that there are no beds for theirpatients, and with the threat ofthe micron variant.they say sometimes they come upnine patients at a time, and nothey can give the medicines toweather.the nurse says enough is enough.>> we are very concernedbecause they promised us the yearto nurses, especiallywith covid. those promises wereroutes.they have not hired wingsnurses, now with thepossibility of going toaffect, it is problematic becauseI have listened to many of Hispanic patientsthey start to get scaredcome to the hospital because they knowmariela: the situation of thebeds can becomeproblematic.í, because there are manypatients who come and notthey have easy beds.They have to wait in emergency.mariela: 37 hospitals esánwith less than 10% capacityin the state, 12 in new york,both in queens.the other three are in that the medical centersincrease the capacity of beds,governor hochul milkedto suspend surgeriesselective until January 15.three of the hospitalsthey belong to a network.has said that being asupplier of the largestof the state, has the way ofsend resources tohospitals that need it.In addition to the problems that I knowThey are reporting, this is theannouncement that there is a shortage ofblood in blood centersof the state of new they say it’s notenough this conference ofpress.they are also sending onemessage to the community.>> we need the community

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