Nunez can be a top player, as long as …


Juergen Klopp never once doubted Darwin Nunez. Manager Liverpool he is confident that Nunez can be a top player in the future.

Nunez came to Liverpool last summer at the request of Klopp, who wanted a refresh in attack. Liverpool had to pay a whopping 80 million pounds to Benfica to get Nunez.

Nunez should definitely be Liverpool’s new mainstay for scoring goals. The Uruguayan had appeared sharp with two goals and an assist in his first two official matches.

However, a red card against Crystal Palace thwarted Nunez’s adaptation process. Nunez was also criticized by fans and opponents, because it was considered a flop.

After two months of fasting, Nunez has appeared brilliant with four goals in his last five games. Slowly but surely, Nunez has begun to adapt to Liverpool’s style of play.

This makes Klopp satisfied because the wait is starting to pay off. Even so, Klopp believes Nunez can do even better and reach his potential.

“Nobody knows (how good he will be), not even him. Nobody knows, he has enormous potential and it will be fun to keep going. But he has to keep fit, he has to keep playing and he missed the match against Nottingham Forest last week then. ,” She said Juergen Klopp on the team’s official website.

“This is the most important thing in the life of a professional player. We have to train him in various ways. His potential is incredible. Not only his speed, but his attitude is extraordinary, he is a hard worker.

“I’ll tell you again – and I know there are people out there who doubt his technique, his first touch” is fantastic. Not so, sometimes his first touch is bad, but it’s not about technique. delay, lack of readiness, orientation and much more, but it is still possible to grow and learn “.

“It’s a lot of fun, that’s what we’re doing right now. But I don’t know what the ending will be.”

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