Numerous bicycle accidents in Munich: Several seriously injured people – the police warned urgently

In Munich there were several accidents, some of them serious, with cyclists. (Symbol photo)

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There have been more serious bicycle accidents on Munich’s streets in recent days. The police therefore appeal to all cyclists to wear a helmet.

Munich – Spring is just around the corner. And with the rising temperatures, the bicycles are being dragged out of the cellar or shed again. Especially in the city, however, increased caution applies to cyclists themselves as well as to other road users. This weekend alone there were again numerous accidents in Munich. Some even with serious consequences.

Munich: Eight-year-old is recorded by Mercedes

On Friday afternoon (March 26th) an eight-year-old schoolgirl rode her bike out of town on the sidewalk on Herthastrasse in Nymphenburg. At the same time, a 77-year-old woman from Munich wanted to leave her property with her Mercedes. Apparently she overlooked the girl and caught her on the right side of her bike. The eight-year-old fell and hit the floor with her head, among other things. She was injured and taken to a nearby clinic, the police wrote in a press release. She now asks witnesses of the accident to call (089) 62 16 33 22.

61-year-old cyclist seriously injured

On Saturday (March 27th) around 11.30 a.m. there was a serious bicycle accident in Neuaubing. A 61-year-old was out and about with his bike on Limestrasse at the level of the railway underpass on the sidewalk. For an unexplained cause, the man then lost control of his bike and hit the road with his handlebars. There he was hit by an Opel van belonging to a 76-year-old from Munich. The 61-year-old hit the right side of the car and his head hit the windshield. Then he fell on the sidewalk. He sustained serious injuries and was taken to the hospital.

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Munich: Senior falls badly – those who caused accidents are looking for the distance

Already on Thursday (March 25th) a 68-year-old from Munich was on his bike on the way east of the Langwieder See in Lochhausen. At around 5:30 p.m., the man wanted to overtake a group of children who were out on scooters. As he was about to drive by, one of the children swerved and a collision occurred. The man flew his torso over the handlebars and hit his head on the floor. The children stayed with the Munich resident for a short time, but left the scene of the accident a little later without giving their details. The 68-year-old was later flown to a hospital with a rescue helicopter, seriously injured. The Munich traffic police have taken over the investigation. Information about the accident can be given by calling (089) 62 16 33 22.

Again and again there are serious accidents when cycling, in which the cyclists sustained serious head and neck injuries. The police therefore warned once again: “Although the wearing of bicycle helmets is not required by law, these head injuries can often prevent or at least reduce the extent of the injuries. That is why the Munich police recommend that all cyclists wear appropriate helmets! ” (tel)

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