Number of Specimens, Positive Cases, Patients Cured


Update on handling Corona in Indonesia on Thursday (2/7/2020), breaking three records at once. Government spokesman Achmad Yurianto explained today the number of specimens examined, the addition of positive cases, and cured patients is at its highest point.

“The total recovery today is 1,072 people so that the total accumulation of the number of recovered has become 26,667 people. Ladies and gentlemen, this picture shows that cases of recovery will continue to increase over time,” Achmad Yurianto said in a press conference broadcast by BNPB, Thursday (2 / 7/2020).

The government reports the number of corona specimens COVID-19 of which there are 23,519 examined today. The number exceeds the previous highest record on Friday (6/26/2020), as many as 22,819 specimens.

As the number of specimens examined increased, the number of positive cases added increased to 1,624 cases. The number also beat the previous record of adding positive cases on June 2, which was 1,385 cases.

The last patient recovered was reported to increase by 1,072 patients. Again, more than the previous record on 28 June, which was 1,027 patients.

The following details the development of the case Corona in Indonesia on Thursday (2/7/2020):

1. The number of positive cases increased by 1,624 to 59,394.
2. The number of cured patients increased by 1,072 to 26,667.
3. The number of patients died increased by 52 to 2,987.

The data is the accumulation recorded until 12.00 WIB today.

Watch VideoCorona’s Positive Number in Indonesia is the Highest in Southeast Asia
[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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