Number of new infections in Germany strongly increased | NOW

The number of positive corona tests in Germany rose by 4,058 on Thursday, a significant increase from the 2,828 cases reported Wednesday. According to the authorities, this is the largest increase since the end of April.

In addition, 16 corona-related deaths were reported, the same number as the day before. This increases the death toll to 9,578. Germany now has a total of 310,144 confirmed infections.

Health minister Jens Spahn speaks of a worrying development. “We want to avoid an exponential rise,” he emphasizes. The minister says he does not expect the situation to get worse than in March and April, the peak of the outbreak in the country.

Spahn is also critical of the “ignorance” of some citizens. He commends the Berlin authorities for further limiting nightlife and social traffic. Relatively many infections are found in some districts of the German capital.

According to the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI), the German equivalent of the RIVM, the number of positive tests in the country could rise to about 10,000 a day. If the residents of Germany adhere to the ground rules, they can prevent such an increase, according to the RKI.

“The current situation worries me a lot,” says Lothar Wieler, head of infectious diseases at the RKI. “I ask you to obey the rules.”

In addition to the basic rules, various measures have been taken in Germany to prevent the corona virus from spreading further. For example, the vast majority of federal states decided on Wednesday that residents of German high-risk areas cannot simply book a hotel stay in other parts of the country.


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