Number of infections is increasing in Ghent’s rest home Domino, direc … (Ghent)

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The number of infections in the Domino residential care center in Ghent has risen to 14 residents and a fourth staff member is also infected with the new corona virus. An entire ward with 30 residents has been quarantined since the outbreak and will certainly not be able to receive visitors until September 25. But the management asks on Wednesday that all other departments, five in total, each with about thirty patients, must also undergo a test. About 50 employees also need to be tested.

On Tuesday, the news became known that residential care center Domino is struggling with a serious outbreak of the new corona virus. Thirteen residents had tested positive. On Wednesday, a fourteenth patient turned out to be infected after the test result was false negative. Four of the infected residents are ill, one fifth has been admitted to hospital. In addition to three staff members, a fourth staff member was also found to be infected with the virus on Wednesday.

The management of the residential care center has intervened and is forced to again impose strict measures. “That is a shame,” says coordinating doctor Koen Verhofstadt. “As in other residential care centers, we were just reversing the quarantine.” The department will again be closed off from the outside world, at least until September 25, two weeks after the positive tests.

But given that many residents will be tested in the coming days, it cannot be ruled out that other departments will also have to go into lockdown. The first results of the large-scale testing will be available next week.


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