Number of houses of more than 1 million euros never increased as fast as last year | NOW

Last year, 24,400 houses were added in the Netherlands for which sellers are asking 1 million euros or more. That is an increase of 40 percent and the largest increase ever in a year, says data collector Calcasa. There are now 84,400 homes in our country that are worth more than 1 million. The increase is strongest outside the Randstad.

The relentless rise in the house prices plays a major role in this growth. Between 2013 and 2020, the average house price rose 60 percent, and in 2020 alone it was added 10 percent. As a logical consequence, more homes also exceeded 1 million euros. Almost 2 percent of the homes are now a so-called million-dollar home.

The number of multi-million homes has also been increasing for seven years in a row. In 2013 there were only 14,360 million homes in the Netherlands, so that number has now reached 84,400.

Two different patterns are visible in the four major cities. In Amsterdam, the 20 percent increase was relatively small, while 50 percent more million-dollar homes were added in The Hague and Utrecht. However, the increase is strongest outside the Randstad. In Tilburg and Eindhoven the number of houses of more than 1 million euros grew by 70 percent in a year, in Zwolle it was 92 percent.

In Leeuwarden and Lelystad there was even a doubling, but there the number of millions of homes was already low anyway, so the picture is somewhat distorted.

Most of the million-dollar homes are in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is still the city with the most million homes. In the capital, fourteen thousand homes, or one in ten, are worth more than 1 million euros. The street with the most million homes is the Cannenburg in the Amsterdam neighborhood of Buitenveldert, where you pay 1 million or more for 96 percent of the houses. The average price per square meter is above 7,200 euros.

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That price per square meter has increased all over the country and has never been higher. On average, you now pay 6,220 euros per square meter, which means that for 1 million euros you get an average of 180 square meters. In Amsterdam, the area is the smallest for that price: 120 square meters. That is not much bigger than a normal terraced house.


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