Number of hospital admissions for coronavirus ‘above alert level’ | Inland

The so-called signal value stands at an average of 40 hospital admissions per day over the past three days. Then additional measures against the corona virus may be necessary, the government has determined in advance. Such measures have already been taken recently.

Amsterdam and The Hague have the most hospital admissions. Sixteen people have been hospitalized in both municipalities in the past three days. Rotterdam has eight hospital admissions and Utrecht six. If too many people end up in a hospital, the care threatens to become overburdened. In the first wave of the corona outbreak, mainstream care came to a halt. Hospitals now want to prevent this as much as possible.

Last week the number of admissions to intensive care exceeded the signal value. That was the first time since May 5. On Tuesday, that figure stood at 13.7, which means that 41 people have been admitted to an intensive care unit in the past few days. That signal value is at 10.

The number of positive tests rose above the signal value on September 11, for the first time since April 17. The reproduction number, which indicates how quickly the coronavirus is spreading, has been above the alert level since mid-August.

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