Number of corona patients in hospitals decreased by 148, co…

The number of corona patients currently in Dutch hospitals has fallen further in the past 24 hours.

On Christmas Day, 1978 people are hospitalized with Covid-19, according to the most recent figures from the National Coordination Center for Patients Spreading (LCPS). That is 148 less than a day earlier.

A total of 534 people are now being treated in intensive care units. That is 12 less than Friday. However, 22 new corona patients have been admitted to the IC. Because more people died or were allowed to leave the departments, the occupation went down.

The nursing wards currently care for 1444 corona patients, a decrease of 136 compared to the day before. The number of new admissions here was 161, but because more people also left the wards, the occupation fell anyway. The number of new admissions to the nursing wards was higher than the day before, when another 145 were added.

On November 14, the total number of Covid patients admitted with 1,863 was lower than now for the last time.

Number of new corona cases slightly up

The number of corona infections has increased slightly compared to the previous 24 hours. RIVM received 12,629 reports of positive tests between Friday morning and Saturday morning. Between Thursday morning and Friday morning there were 12,517.

The number of corona infections was still much lower than a week ago. On that Saturday, more than 14,672 infections were confirmed.

It is not known to what extent a DigiD failure on Friday affected the figures. As a result of this malfunction, some people were unable to log in, for example to make an appointment for a corona test at the GGD.

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RIVM received a message in the past day that 45 people have died as a result of their corona infection. Just because their deaths have been reported now doesn’t mean they died in the last 24 hours.


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