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Number of active sufferers under 4000, second phase for hardship fund starts «kleinezeitung.at

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Sunday April 19th

The growth rate of people suffering from the coronavirus remains low in Austria. According to the Ministry of the Interior until Sunday morning (9.30 a.m.) in total so far 14,749 positive test results, the number was only 78 people higher than the day before. With a growth rate of 0.5 percent in a 24-hour comparison, the number of “active” patients fell to 3,796, well below the 4,000 mark.

As of Sunday morning, 452 people across Austria died of the consequences of the corona virus. 10,501 people have recovered from an infection. Most of the deaths are in Styria with 101 victims. There are 90 in Vienna, 85 in Tyrol and 82 in Lower Austria.

12.48 p.m .: Prince Harry praised almost 100-year-old fundraisers

Prince Harry has the 99 year old war veteran Tom Moore praised for supporting UK healthcare. The senior has now almost reached cult status in the United Kingdom. He completed 100 laps with the rollator through his garden in the English village of Marston Moretaine, collecting donations in the tens of millions.

12.47 p.m .: Chief of Staff defends mooring of the ship

According to the chief of the French general staff, the corona virus has spread with high probability after a stopover in Brest on the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”. It is believed that “the contagion” occurred in March during a stay in the port city in north-western France François Lecointre. Lecointre defended the decision that the ship was allowed to moor in March.

12.42 p.m .: Sobotka, like Kurz, refers to the expiry date

Similar to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) also has the President of the National Council Wolfgang Sobotka referred to the limited duration of the regulations in the debate about the legality of the Corona laws. “All laws that have now been passed have an expiration date“he said on Sunday in the ORF press hour. He considers it impossible that crisis laws can be brought back to normal.

12:38: Haimbuchner wants legal security

The corona crisis is also slowing down the building program of the Upper Austrian state government. As LHStv. Manfred Haimbuchner (FPÖ) said that cooperative apartments with a total of 2,400 units were currently planned, budgeted and agreed, but no construction negotiations are currently taking place. He urged the federal government to create legal certainty.

12:34 p.m .: 50 billion for developing countries

The German development minister Gerd Müller advocates expanding the World Health Organization (WHO) into a kind of world pandemic center and also giving brave support to Africa in the corona crisis. “This pandemic is not the last one” and harbors the risk of state collapse for some African countries, warned the CSU politician on Saturday on Deutschlandfunk. Müller called on the European Union to provide 50 billion euros in support for the corona crisis in Africa and the Middle East.

12.32 p.m .: Austrian KFOR soldier infected

12:26: Pope warns of “selfishness of indifference”

Pope Francis has celebrated the “Mercy Sunday” introduced 20 years ago. He celebrated mass in the Roman church of Santo Spirito in Sassia. He warned of the “selfishness of indifference”. “There is a risk that an even worse virus will hit us, that of an indifferent selfishness. It carries over from the idea that life gets better when it gets better for me, that everything turns out well when it turns out well for me. It starts with that, and finally you get to choose people, to sort out the poor and to sacrifice those on the altar of progress who are lagging behind “,

12:24: Two KFOR civil servants died in Kosovo

Two civilians serving in the NATO-led Kosovo Protection Force KFOR have died of Covid-19 lung disease. An unspecified number of KFOR members had tested positive for the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus, which Covid-19 can trigger.

12.23 p.m .: Number of new deaths in Spain decreased significantly

According to the Ministry of Health in Madrid on Sunday, 410 people had died from the lung disease Covid-19 caused by the new virus within 24 hours. On Saturday, that number was 565.

12.19 p.m .: Styria is the first country with more than 100 deaths

Styria is the first federal state, which has more than 100 coronavirus deaths.

12.17 p.m .: Bulgarians with protective masks for the Easter fair

The predominantly Orthodox Bulgarians celebrated Easter this year because of the coronavirus pandemic under strict protective measures. However, the approximately 4,000 churches remained open. With mandatory mouth-nose masks and physical distance, however, very few believers went to the Easter masses on Sunday – such as for the Easter service in the Sveta Nedelja Cathedral in the capital Sofia. The church and government called on people to pray in front of the icon at home.

12.16 p.m .: Deer wander through villages in Abruzzo

Thanks to the lockdown in Italy, animals are taking courage and are increasingly showing up in towns and villages. Three deer were photographed walking in the middle of the street in Villetta Barrea in the Apennine region of Abruzzo, not far from the Abruzzo National Park.

12.14 p.m .: 144,000 applications in the first phase

The first phase of the hardship fund for the self-employed was completed on Friday. To date, 144,000 applications have been submitted to the Chamber of Commerce responsible for processing, as the WKÖ informed APA on Sunday. To date, 121 million euros have been distributed from the federal government’s 2 billion euro fund.

12 noon: Wiener Linien produces face protection with 3D printers

Necessity makes you inventive: The employees of the construction department of Wiener Linien are now being equipped with self-made Plexiglas face shields, the transport company said on Sunday in a broadcast. These are made with 3D printers. 400 pieces have already been produced and distributed in this way, and a further 200 are available.

11:57: Paris wants to distribute two million masks free of charge

In Paris, around two million masks are to be distributed to the population free of charge to protect against the corona virus. By the end of this month, around half a million reusable masks should initially be available, the mayor announced Anne Hidalgo in the Sunday newspaper “Journal du Dimanche”. By mid-May, all residents of the French capital will then be given their own mask. Hidalgo put the costs at three million euros.

11:56: Special trains solution for 24-hour care?

Corridor trains with comprehensive tests could counteract nursing bottlenecks. New financial hurdle for nurses: For hardship funds, you now also need income tax notices that you do not have because you usually earned less than 11,000 euros per year.

11.54 a.m .: Club boss does not request relegation when canceled

If the season in the English football Premier League is canceled, the club boss believes it should Tony Bloom from Brighton and Hove Albion do not give relegation. “It would be very difficult to relegate a club if the season didn’t end,” said Bloom. “The strength of previous opponents would not be taken into account.”

11:53 am: 73 percent in China gained weight in isolation

According to a survey in China, 73 percent of those surveyed gained weight during the corona crisis. The main reasons given were lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle in domestic isolation. Some also said that they just ate more and more while crouching at home.

11:53: Panama holds 1,700 refugees

The authorities in Panama prevented 1,700 migrants from traveling on their way to the USA after several coronavirus infections were found in the group. The migrants are now being held in a refugee camp in the jungle near the Colombian border, a government official said. The refugee camp in La Penita is only designed for 200 people.

11:52: Six more dead in South Tyrol, more and more healed

In South Tyrol, the number of people who died with or from Covid-19 increased by another six people from Saturday to Sunday. In total, 245 deaths have been recorded in the autonomous province to date, the medical company said. However, more and more people were considered to be cured. The number rose by 53 people to 795.

11.48 a.m .: Ministry of Health reluctant to open the border

The Ministry of Health is reluctant to respond to the Minister of Tourism’s proposal Elisabeth Köstinger (ÖVP) to open the borders for German summer vacationers.The desire for an opportunity for tourism is understandable, but depends on the development of the corona pandemic in Austria and internationally“said a spokeswoman.

11.45 a.m .: Number of active sufferers below 4000 again for the first time

In the past 24 hours, the daily growth of new cases has dropped noticeably and is now 0.5% and thus less than 100 new cases (plus 78). So the number of total illnesses is up 14,749 increased, the number of deaths to 452. Due to 287 new recoveries, the number of active patients is below 4000 again for the first time (3796).

11:38: Italy complains of problems in 43 percent of companies

According to a survey by the Confindustria industrial association, 43.7 percent of Italian companies have “acute problems” due to the coronavirus epidemic. The survey was conducted among 4,420 Italian companies. Only 29.7 of the companies surveyed work at full speed. 36.5 percent are closed and 33.8 percent are partially blocked, the survey showed. 43 percent of the employees do not work. 53.1 percent were employed on short-time work.

11.37 a.m .: Successful treatment in monkeys

In a small-scale experiment on monkeys, the first treatment successes with remdesivir against coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19 were shown. According to scientists commissioned by the US government, the state of health of the monkeys treated with the virus-inhibiting agent improved significantly after just twelve hours. The preliminary study results have not yet been independently assessed. For the experiment, the scientists deliberately infected two groups of six rhesus monkeys each with the pathogen SARS-CoV-2.

11:32: Mali elects a new parliament

Despite the spread of the corona virus, the second round of parliamentary elections took place in Mali on Sunday. In the West African state of crisis, 7.6 million registered voters were called to vote.

11.30 a.m .: Second phase for hardship fund starts

The second phase of the hardship fund for the self-employed starts. The money – up to 2,000 euros for three months – can be requested on the website of the Chamber of Commerce starting at 12 noon on Monday. The Treasury had finalized the guidelines for this last week. A total of 2 billion euros in funding is available for affected small business owners.

11:29: Police prevented demonstration of action critics

With around 260 officers, the police in Berlin on Saturday prevented an unauthorized assembly against the restriction of fundamental rights through corona protective measures. Several hundred people had gathered at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. According to the police, some carried posters and editions of the Basic Law with them.

11.25 a.m .: 191 positive tests in Viennese homes

There are 110 employees and 81 residents, as the daily newspaper Austria also reported online on Sunday. A spokesman for the Health City Council Peter Hacker (SPÖ) confirmed this.

11:23: Ex-Turnstar does workout with his daughter

The corona restrictions are often difficult to endure, especially for children: Ex-Turnstar Philipp Boy has therefore considered a small workout for his daughter at home. “The children want to move”said the 32-year-old. And even if you don’t feel like it, you should try to motivate them.

11:21: What the giant event has done on the net

The Superstars concert marathon online showed one thing: Solidarity may not have a healing effect, but at least it is soothing. Not a very unimportant message in dark times either.

11.20 a.m .: Electronics chain Fnac Darty receives aid loan

The French electronics retail chain Fnac Darty receives a state-backed loan of EUR 500 million. This makes Fnac Darty the first large company in France to receive aid from a government package of over 110 billion euros for companies that have been hit by the Corona crisis.

11.17 a.m .: Italy thinks of “Netflix of culture”

It is a platform, on which the best of Italian culture is said to be available on demand, the Italian Minister of Culture announced Dario Franceschini at.

11:16: Germany is thinking about summer vacation

Beach vacation on the Adriatic, hiking in Austria or just a short city tour to Paris: Germany is thinking about this summer’s vacation. What will be possible this summer is still completely unclear. The big question is whether trips abroad are possible again during the main holiday season from June to August. There is a lot at stake for Austria as a holiday destination for Germans.

The most important group of guests in Austria are the domestic tourists – in summer and in winter – the Germans. German vacationers accounted for around 7.9 million arrivals and 29.5 million overnight stays in summer 2019. For comparison: Domestic guests were responsible for 23.3 million overnight stays in hotels, guest houses or holiday apartments.

11.06 a.m .: Hospitalized and dead

11:06: Johnson intervenes in government policy

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson after his surviving coronavirus disease, he already strongly intervenes in government policy. Johnson had a three-hour video call with Secretary of State Dominic Raab, who partially represents him, and other employees last Friday.

11:04 a.m .: Cases by federal states

11:01 a.m .: Development in Austria

10.58 a.m .: Film Academy warns of dangers for the film industry

The German Film Academy also wants to encourage the industry with the Lola Awards next Friday (April 24). “We wanted to send out a signal of confidence, solidarity. And also a signal that the past year of cinema has produced great performances,” said actor Ulrich Matthes (President of the Film Academy in Berlin).

10:56: Millions of Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter

Millions of Orthodox Christians celebrated Easter worldwide under the impact of the corona pandemic – a week later than the Western churches. In a video clip, the Russian president wished Wladimir Putin happiness and health to believers on their most important Sunday holiday. “Everything will be fine with God’s help.”

10.55 a.m .: 31 new coronavirus cases in Vienna

There are currently 2,228 people in Vienna who are proven to be infected with the corona virus, the medical crisis team of the City of Vienna announced in a broadcast on Sunday (as of 8:00 a.m.). This means an increase of 31 patients or 1.4 percent in the past 24 hours.

10:54 am: Alert for infected people in Friuli old people’s homes

In Carinthia’s neighboring region Friuli Venezia Giulia, there is growing concern about the increasing number of SARS-CoV-2 infected people in retirement homes. Critical situations were reported primarily from old people’s homes in Trieste, the Friulian health officer Riccardo Riccardi reported. An old people’s home was cleared in Trieste after the approximately 40 patients tested positive for Covid-19. Dozens of infected people were reported among the 110 patients in another home. Two doctors working in retirement homes were also infected, one of whom is in critical condition in the hospital.

10:52 am: Carinthian died of infection

The man was born in 1949 and died in the hospital on Saturday afternoon. >>> More here

10.37 a.m .: Experts advise closeness even with corona infection

Are mothers allowed to cuddle with their newborns and breastfeed despite Corona infection? As the number of cases increases, this question is likely to concern more and more mothers and doctors. Experts from the German Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics recommend physical contact. Breastfeeding is also recommended – regardless of whether an infection was suspected or confirmed in the mother or child.

10:36: No further positive corona case in Tyrol

In Tirol, the positive trend regarding corona virus continues. From Saturday evening to Sunday morning no further positive test the country announced. In the state, 814 people were still infected and 2,526 recovered. To date, 85 people have died with or from Covid 19 disease.

10.25 a.m .: Top athletes are allowed to train from Monday

An amendment to the regulation to prevent the spread of Covid-19 stipulated that top Austrian athletes who do their job and take part in international competitions may train from April 20. It is important for the athletes and their supervisors that a distance of at least two meters must be maintained. Squad players, coaches and coaches from the twelve Bundesliga football clubs and the ÖFB Cup finalist Austria Lustenau are allowed to train in small groups of a maximum of six squad players with the same composition. The measures also apply to disabled athletes.

10:22 am: Why Sweden is sticking to the high-risk path

Sweden is sticking to its relaxed corona course. Even if the death toll is high, it says: “Our strategy is correct.”

10.15 a.m .: Pharmacists recall TBE vaccinations

The Chamber of Pharmacists has reminded us not to forget vaccinations, despite the current situation determined by the corona virus. Precautions against TBE should be considered, especially at the beginning of the warm season. The tick vaccination is the only, but effective protection against an infection with the TBE virus.

10.14 am: When the “mother of all pandemics” hit Carinthia

School closures, infections without symptoms, hygiene measures: The Spanish flu in 1918 had some parallels with today’s corona pandemic. At least 20,000 people died in Austria.

10:02 am: Minister calls for openness from China

The German development minister Gerd Müller demands clarity from China about the outbreak of the corona virus. “The Chinese have to show complete openness in this world crisis – especially with regard to the origin of the virus,” said the CSU politician to the newspapers of the Funke media group. “China should have started international exchanges on the spread of the virus in Wuhan more quickly.”

10:01 a.m .: 94 percent of newly infected people in Italy in Lombardy

In Lombardy was on Saturday with 199 fatalities, the lowest number of deaths in the 24 hour period of the past six days reported. On April 12, 110 deaths were recorded in Lombardy.

10 a.m .: 94.3 percent of the youth take up the situation serious

The work of the Austrian government is 93 percent good and consider it to be competent, according to a representative survey by market agents on behalf of DocLX among 14- to 24-year-olds. Approval for the measures in the fight against the pandemic is correspondingly high. Young people are particularly worried about the infection of family members (69.6 percent) and friends (32.5 percent) and their own infection only 20.2 percent. 80.8 percent state that they manage the situation well or even very well. Just under one in five can not really get used to the new normal. Nevertheless, 96.7 percent are ready to comply with the measures – 72.8 percent of young women are “fully” ready to do so, compared to 63.2 percent of men.

9.50 a.m .: Nine new coronavirus cases in Lower Austria

The number of people with evidence of the coronavirus in Lower Austria has risen in the 24 hours from Saturday to Sunday, according to the Corona information portal of the Ministry of Health increased by nine people to 2,470. The medical staff reported 1,560 recovered. 19,112 tests were carried out. 82 people died to date in connection with Covid 19 diseases.

9:42 am: Union demands social plan

The PRO-GE trade union sent a social plan on Sunday for the dismissed employees of the traditional Viennese pastry shop Demel. The company’s dealings with long-term employees are “really shabby,” explained Toni Steinmetz, State Secretary of PRO-GE Vienna. Demel belongs to the catering group Do & Co and, according to the union, has dismissed 29 of the 86 employees.

9.30 a.m .: Wolff calls for the VfGH urgent procedure and appraisal

The President-in-Law advocates at least a shortened assessment of laws, given the urgency, and an urgent procedure at the Constitutional Court Rupert Wolff in the debate about the corona laws. Haste was “probably appropriate”, but the regulations, which were adopted quickly without an assessment, were sometimes “incomplete and incorrect”. In the rule of law, “transparency and quality” must apply to legislation even in difficult times, he said in an APA interview.

9:25 am: Riots in camp on Chios island after woman’s death

In the crowded Vial registration camp on the Greek island of Chios, the police used massive tear gas during the night on Sunday to disperse rioting migrants. A 47-year-old woman had previously died from an infection. The island’s hospital denied rumors that the woman had died of coronavirus infection.

9:20 am: Actor wants to invite supermarket staff

The German actor Ulrich Matthes (60) wants more recognition for people who keep public life going during the Corona crisis. He hoped for nurses and supermarket workers, “who would sit at the till and have to endure the bad mood of the partially masked people,” more social empathy, said Matthes.

9:07 am: Israel loosened restrictions

Israel has relaxed several rules for protection against the corona virus. The government had that of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Approved announced step at night.

9:04 am: Italy’s Prime Minister advises on the start of “Phase 2”

The Italian premier Giuseppe Conte has started discussions with the representatives of the regions for the start of the so-called “phase 2”. A plan for gradually ramping up the productive activities after the end of the corona lockdown on May 3 was discussed.

8:47 am: ESM boss expects another 500 billion euros in aid

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the head of the European rescue fund ESM expects further financial aid for the European economy to be worth EUR 500 billion. “I would say that we need at least another EUR 500 billion from the European institutions for the second phase, but it could be more“said Klaus Regling.

8:39 am: Australia requires research

“The issues surrounding the corona virus are issues for independent review and I think it is important that we do that,” said the Australian Secretary of State Marise Paynedem. Australia will insist. Concerns about the transparency of China are concerned.

8:28 a.m .: 2,458 new infections, 184 more dead

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Germany reports overall 139,897 infections with the coronavirus, an increase of 2,458 the previous day. A further 184 deaths have been reported, so a total of 4,294 people have died so far. However, cases were reported with a time delay at the weekend. According to the RKI website, around 88,000 people have recovered, around 2,700 more than the previous day.

8:24 am: Research laboratory rejects allegations of guilt

The head of the laboratory at the Virology Institute in Wuhan, China, has rejected allegations that his facility could be the source of the coronavirus pandemic. “I know this is impossible,” said Yuan Zhiming. None of his employees were infected. His team knew exactly “what kind of research is taking place at the institute and how the institute deals with viruses and samples”.

8:08 am: “Many domestic hoteliers are extremely desperate”

At best, the summer season ends with a black eyesays Michaela Reitterer, President of the Hotel Association. Above all, hoteliers lack planning security and liquidity.

8:07 am: Should schools open their doors again before summer?

It is still in the stars when the schools will open again. The spectrum ranges from “ghost schools” for school-leavers to early regular operation for everyone. What is reasonable for students, parents and teachers? Two experts answer.

8:03 am: Serbia eased measures slightly

Serbia is slightly easing the measures it has taken to curb the coronavirus pandemic. The nighttime curfew on working days will be reduced by an hour from next Tuesday, President said Aleksandar Vucic.

8:02 a.m .: NEOS demand immediate prevention of influenza

The NEOS demand from health ministers Rudolf Anschober (Green) to take precautions for the upcoming influenza season so that there is no further dramatic situation.In the middle of the current corona crisis, steps must also be taken to ensure that the health system is fully operational even after Corona“NEOS health spokesman warns Gerald Loacker.

7:44 am: First hospitals reach their limits

In view of the increasing infections with the novel coronavirus, hospitals are advised in Brazil increasingly to their capacity limits.

7:37 am: Doctors warn of the breakdown of 24-hour care

Foreign 24-hour caregivers currently have to present a medical certificate confirming a negative corona test before entering Austria. >>> More detailed here

07.29 a.m .: More hygiene, less styling

In the corona crisis, which has kept many people at home for weeks, the Austrians rely on a little more hygiene and less styling when it comes to personal hygiene. According to a survey, the anticipation of a visit to the hairdresser is particularly great. The top seller among bathroom products is hand cream, fragrance and shaving are now less in demand.

07:28: Sweden sees itself on the right path

In Sweden, the country that has caused the most sensation in Europe with its way of dealing with the corona crisis, the first signs of an easing of the situation showed last week. Health authorities and the government are largely on the right track despite mistakes in individual areas. The neighboring countries are now also turning in part on the Stockholm line.

07:28: SPÖ demands package of measures

For the SPÖ, the government’s measures to prevent a social crisis as a result of the corona crisis are too little and it demands much more for the poorest. The Social Democrats are calling for the creation of a social fund that is endowed with at least EUR 100 million and which the federal states can access as part of their minimum security in order to be able to provide help in special situations and in cases of hardship.

07.27 a.m .: Exit restriction particularly affects children

The exit restrictions during the corona crisis hit people in cramped living spaces, who also don’t have private open spaces, harder than others. According to sociologist Johann Bacher (University of Linz), children are particularly affected. In addition, it has been shown that the problem is more common in Vienna than in other parts of Austria.

07:26: Ministry of Finance starts its own Corona hotline

As of Monday, the Ministry of Finance is offering its own Corona hotline (050/233 770) for all economic questions, among other things on the various relief funds, short-time work, tax deferrals and deadline extensions. On the website www.bmf.gv.at/corona there is also a collection of frequently asked questions.

07:26: Computer and documents confiscated

In search of culprits for the rapidly increasing number of corona infections in Slovakia, police officers seized computers and documents in a retirement home near Bratislava on Saturday. Previously, the new head of government Igor Matovic demanded punishment for the person who introduced the virus into the retirement home.

7:25 a.m .: Samaritan Federation complains of preference for the Red Cross

The Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund is opposed to the Red Cross’s preference for the government’s crisis logistics in relation to the Corona virus and is behind party-political considerations. “It cannot be seen that aid organizations are being demoted to the public or even to supplicants, because the Red Cross is acting on its own“criticized the Samaritan Association president Franz Schnabl.

07:24: Leichtfried calls for a quick return to the assessment

SPÖ vice club boss Jörg Leichtfried, also chairman of the constitutional committee, is irritated by the “absurd government dispute over the constitutionality of the Covid19 laws”. In this context, he calls for a swift return to “a normal legislative process, including assessment.”

07:23: Trump attacks China and threatens consequences

US president Donald Trump has again made serious allegations against China in the corona crisis. The novel corona virus could have been stopped in China before it spread around the world, Trump said at his daily press conference at the White House. “It didn’t happen and the whole world is suffering because of it.” The US president accused the government in Beijing of failing to do so.

07:23: restart would probably not fail due to test capacities

There are still many details to be clarified before restarting the Bundesliga, only one question seems to be answered now: the test capacities will probably not fail to restart the top two classes. That said Gregor Hörmann, Managing Director of the Austrian Society for Laboratory Medicine and Clinical Chemistry.

07:23: Wolff calls for the VfGH urgent procedure and appraisal

The President-in-Law advocates at least a shortened assessment of laws, given the urgency, and an urgent procedure at the Constitutional Court Rupert Wolff in the debate about the corona laws. Be in a hurry “Presumably appropriate”, but the regulations, which were adopted quickly without an assessment, were in some cases “incomplete and incorrect”. In the rule of law, “transparency and quality” must apply to legislation even in difficult times

07:22: Many touchstones up to Corona

For the time historian Oliver Rathkolb that goes as far as the Corona crisis, in which he misses more common solidarity between the states. “The Austrians did not become great Europeans.” He sees the transitional government after the Ibiza cause as beneficial.

07:20: Bill Gates on vaccine “optimistic”

The Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has been confident that there will be a vaccine against the novel coronavirus towards the end of next year. “There are currently many vaccine candidates that we support. And I’m optimistic that one of them will be out by the end of next year.”

7.20 a.m .: 70,000 hotel and catering businesses before bankruptcy

According to the industry association Dehoga, 70,000 hotels and restaurants in Germany could go bankrupt due to the coronavirus crisis. Around 223,000 companies in the industry lost around ten billion euros in sales by the end of Aprilsaid Dehoga chief executive Ingrid Hartges.

07:19: Ramadan is overshadowed by the corona crisis

Overshadowed by the corona pandemic, the month of Lent Ramadan begins next week for Muslims around the world. During the Islamic fasting month calculated according to the lunar year, eating, drinking, smoking and sexual intercourse are prohibited during the day. There is plenty of food at night, but religious exercises are also held.

07.18 clock: Institute expects falling rental prices in Germany

The Cologne Institute for Economic Research expects rental prices in Germany to fall due to the corona crisis. The reason is that households have less income overall due to possible bankruptcies and rising unemployment, according to a study.

07:16: Investigation against Malta’s premier

The Maltese judiciary is investigating the Prime Minister after the death of at least five refugees on the way from Libya to Italy Robert Abela. Abela said the lawsuit against army officials and himself was charged with manslaughter.

07:16: “Shouldn’t be a witch hunt”

US president Donald Trump attacked Democratic governors again in the corona crisis and at the same time praised the work of his own government. “The rest of the world looks at us and they respect what we did,” said the Republican. “I know that nobody else could have done what we did.” His government has provided respiratory equipment to the US and increased hospital beds. There is also sufficient testing capacity that the governors just did not use.

7:15 a.m .: Parliamentary election could be postponed

The general election in Venezuela could be postponed due to the widening corona pandemic. “I don’t know if there are elections this year because we have other priorities,” said President Nicolas Maduro.

07:14: need up to twelve billion masks a year

The German government expects the corona crisis to require eight to twelve billion respirators a year. This number is necessary “,” if we want to enable everyone in Germany to work, shop and drive a bus with a face mask“said Minister of Economy Peter Altmaier.

07:14: USA “deeply concerned”

The US government has been “deeply concerned” about the arrest of several prominent democracy activists in Hong Kong. Law enforcement led by political beliefs is incompatible with the universal values ​​of freedom of expression and the right to freedom of assembly, US Secretary of State said Mike Pompeo.

7:13 am: Planned new debt could be enough

According to the finance minister, the new debt planned for Germany to finance the corona consequences could be Olaf Scholz suffice. “If we manage to move the economic curve up again in the second half of the year, it can be so,” said Scholz of the “Welt am Sonntag” when asked whether there was approved new debt of 156 billion euros will stay.

07.11 a.m .: 100,000 corona dead in Europe

Spain plans to extend the lockdown across the country for another two weeks until midnight on May 9th. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced this late Saturday evening in a speech to the nation. The number of coronavirus deaths in Europe rose to more than 100,000. Minister of Tourism Elisabeth Köstinger (ÖVP) brought a border opening for German summer vacationers into play.

7:02 am: Greeks celebrated the Resurrection Mass on balconies

Orthodox Christians in Greece and Cyprus celebrated the traditional midnight resurrection mass from their balconies because of the coronavirus pandemic. The masses for the Orthodox Easter took place in the churches behind closed doors at night on Sunday. Only the priest and a few church attendants were allowed to be there.

7:01 am: Weddings in New York are now possible via video

New York marriages no longer have to wait for the registry offices that were closed because of the corona pandemic to reopen. governor Andrew Cuomo announced that people in the U.S. state can now apply for a marriage license online. Civil servants will then be able to conduct marriages via video conference, Cuomo said.

06:56: Justice wants to examine the pardon of prisoners

The Iranian judiciary wants to investigate the possibility of pardoning some prisoners on holiday due to the corona crisis. “At the direction of the chief of justice, 500 committees of the judicial authority will investigate the topic from Sunday,” said the justice spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili.

6:55 am: Protests in several US cities

With the backing of the President Donald Trump hundreds of people in several US cities have protested the exit restrictions imposed by the corona pandemic. Around 400 demonstrators gathered in Concord, the state capital of New Hampshire. There were about 200 in Annapolis, Maryland, and more than 250 in Austin, Texas.

Stones, McCartney and Co. sang against the crisis

With a virtual benefit concert, world stars like that Rolling Stones, Elton John, Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift helped fight the corona pandemic. The event “One World: Together at Home” was shown on Saturday evening as a multi-hour digital livestream on social media and at streaming providers.

Contagion rate in Germany is rising slightly again

The Contagion rate the new Corona virus is in Germany according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) rose again for the first time in two days – albeit at a low level. The so-called Reproductive rate (R) will be estimated at 0.8, it said on Saturday in the current status report of the RKI. It had been 0.7 the previous two days.

However, the number of new cases continues to decline slightly. RKI boss Lothar Wieler had repeatedly stated that the goal was to keep the rate below 1.0 if possible. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel had emphasized that the brand was also an important criterion when it came to relaxing the corona requirements.

More than 19,000 corona deaths in France

In France more than 19,000 people have now died after being infected with the novel corona virus. The number of corona deaths in Hospitals and nursing homes had increased by 642 victims to 19,323 within 24 hours, the French health authorities said on Friday.

Meanwhile, the number of hospital patients continued to fall. 30,639 people were reported to be treated in the clinics on Saturday, 551 fewer than the previous day. A good 5,800 of them were in the intensive care unit; on Friday there were 194 more patients.

Millions of Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter

Under the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Orthodox Christians worldwide are celebrating Easter this weekend.

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A priest holds the sacred fire in front of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the old city of Jerusalem. The Holy Fire ceremony is very important in Orthodox countries.


An Orthodox priest in Ukraine gives an elderly man an Easter cake near the capital, Kiev.


A priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Nazariy blesses family members near their home in the village of Nove on Easter Eve.


An Orthodox priest blesses traditional Easter cakes and painted eggs, which were prepared for the Easter celebration in a courtyard of the Kazan Cathedral.


A volunteer with protective equipment carries a cross as he and priests celebrate the Good Friday Orthodox Service in Bucharest.


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Coronavirus info point


If you are with you Cold symptoms notice, then the following applies: stay at home and avoid contacts with other people!
If there is an additional fever or if the condition worsens, it should Healthphone 1450 to be called.
At general questions please select the AGES Infoline Coronavirus: 0800 555 621 .
The number 1450 is only for people with complaints! The rule is: always inquire by phone first, never go to a doctor’s office or hospital with suspected corona!

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Who had contact with people from the affected regions or comes back to Austria from these regions and
Symptoms such as fever or cough noticed within 14 days:
always report first by phone! Under no circumstances simply drive to the family doctor or to the hospital!
First contact your family doctor or call the 1450 health phone,
there is also a special one Coronavirus hotline (Tel. 0800 555 621).

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