Nuevo León: sculpture of Virgin of Guadalupe rescued in Santa Catarina river

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For a difference of a few hours, it took almost a week for the structure of the Guadalupe’s Virgin, of the Santa Catarina river, in New Lion, could be to rescue in its entirety. The mayor of Monterrey, Adrian de la Garza, published a video where he was accompanied by workers and proud faithful religious to observe the long-awaited liberation.

During the first minutes of this Thursday, the municipal president witnessed how a crane was in charge of lifting and removing the earth and logo the iconic figure, while the residents who gathered at the site, made chants in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe, whose release was going to 95% this Wednesday.

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“/>Live: Concluding rescue work of sculpture of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Río Santa Catarina

published by Adrian de la Garza on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Nuevo León united by the Virgin of Guadalupe

This structure of the Guadalupe’s Virgin in New Lion disappeared ten years ago after Hurricane Alex, which caused rains very strong in the region. After that, neither authorities nor residents could find it.

  • On that occasion, a scanner was even used to try to locate, but the efforts were nil.

Ironically, the passing of the other hurricane (now Hanna) rekindled people’s faith in New Lion, when last week inhabitants near the Santa Catarina river observed part of the metal structure and immediately notified the authorities; therefore, primary service personnel began the rescue work on the figure, which is approximately 12 meters long and three meters wide.

  • It should be remembered that Pope John Paul Second, during his visit to New Lion in the year of 1990, he blessed this figure.

Now it is expected that this figure will be restored in its entirety and then be placed in its original place, between the Santa Catarina river and Constitución avenue, in front of the Obispado neighborhood, where a replica of the Guadalupe’s Virgin so that the faithful could have that special place.

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