Nuclear: Deal Depends On ‘Political Decision’ From Washington, Tehran Says

“The negotiations are going in the right direction, we have no insurmountable obstacles”

Reviving the Iran nuclear deal now depends on a ‘political decision’ by the United States, Iranian officials said on Monday, as chief negotiators returned to Vienna to continue talks after brief consultations in Tehran.

“There remain key issues related to specific political decisions, in particular Washington’s decision on the lifting of sanctions,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said.

“The negotiations are going in the right direction, we have no insurmountable blockages”, nevertheless assured Mr. Khatibzadeh.

Deploring the “delay” of the United States in presenting its proposals on the lifting of sanctions, he called on Washington to “deploy all efforts and present initiatives to (make) the current plan A succeed”.

The talks resumed at the end of November in the Austrian capital after a five-month hiatus between Iran and the countries that are part of the international Iranian nuclear agreement concluded in 2015 (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, China ).

Their objective is for the United States to return to the agreement and to bring Iran back to respecting its commitments under the pact.

The United States participates indirectly in the negotiations.

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