NSTDA researchers synthesize drug precursors ‘Faavipiravier’ successfully prepares industrial production for neighboring countries

March 3, 64 – At the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Innovation (Wor.): Special Professor Dr. Anek Laothammatas Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Presided over a news conference Collaboration to Build the Nation’s Capabilities for the Development of API: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients: Antiretroviral Drug “Favipiravir” by Dr. Narong Sirilertworakul. Director of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and Dr. Vitoon Danwiboon, Director of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (NSTDA), along with executives and researchers from both agencies, attended the press conference.

Professor Dr. Anek said he was delighted to witness the cooperation in developing the active pharmaceutical ingredients API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) for use as a precursor to the production of Favipiravia. Ireland (Favipiravir) for use against the novel coronavirus (SAR-CoV-2) as part of the strategic plan to drive Thailand with the BCG Economic Model (Bio-Circular-Green Economy: BCG Model) 2021. -2026, as the Prime Minister declared BCG a national agenda And as a model for economic development This will be one of the agendas presented at the APEC Economic Leadership Conference in 2022, in which Thailand hosted the event.

“In the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic Thailand is so evident to the world that we have one of the most advanced medical and health care products in Asia and the world. More importantly, Thailand has successfully developed two of the seven vaccines and five other vaccines are currently being researched and developed. Which the development of vaccines for Thai people is not much But the production of vaccines by Thai people is the goal of the RAIS. “

In addition, the successful research in the development of raw materials, active ingredients or APIs is a good promise that Thailand will be able to develop the vaccine industry, pharmaceuticals and other industries. That will help cope with the future epidemic crisis Make the country stronger in medicine and public health Can be self-reliant, reduce imports, help out of the country, middle income trap Because we do not have only knowledge technology But we can also produce for sale as well. However, now NSTDA is preparing to connect research to the industrial level. The development of the synthetic pharmaceutical active ingredient for Favipiravir against COVID-19 is included in the BCG Drug and Vaccine Sector Program and is the framework for the 2022 budget in line with government policy.

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Dr. Narong Sirilertworakul, Director of NSTDA, stated that NSTDA is a research and development agency in science, technology and innovation to enhance the competitiveness of Thailand in a sustainable manner. Have knowledge, personnel and expertise And technology in synthetic chemistry that will support the Government Pharmaceutical Organization in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Get yourself within the country To strengthen the comprehensive pharmaceutical industry And promote the country’s public health work

“It is well known that the Thai pharmaceutical industry is still downstream. Must import API, a precursor to the production of various medicines. From abroad, as much as 95%, so if we can synthesize API, which is the key to the development of drug formulas successfully. It will help drive the Thai industry to produce a complete cycle of drugs by ourselves from the source, the middle and the destination, allowing us to be self-reliant, reduce imports, and build health and medical security for the people. As can be seen from the past Many countries around the world are faced with an outbreak of COVID-19, an emerging disease that does not yet have a cure. Making efforts to bring various drugs or active substances Experienced treatment of SARS-CoV-2 viral pneumonia until found an effective drug in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, one of which is: Favipiravier “

Director of NSTDA further said that with COVID-19 there is a pandemic around the world. Making Favipiravir in great demand Producing countries must maintain their own population. Causing the drug to be in short supply The purchase is difficult and the quantity is limited. Therefore, it may not be sufficient for the treatment of patients in countries that are unable to produce their own drugs. That is the beginning of NSTDA. Together with the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (A) continued to research and develop the API manufacturing process by himself at the laboratory level until it was successful. Which is in line with the development of drug formulas that the district has been working on For use in the production of Favipiravir for COVID-19.

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“In the process of synthesis of the API, however, the research team selects the best production route out of a number of current production practices. But it’s still a method that requires an expensive substrate. Causing the research team to accelerate further research studies Developed from the original 6-step to 9-step synthesis process, although there are more steps, it is a method that can use cheap, readily available and self-sufficient raw materials by API that biotech researchers NSTDA. Synthetic has good quality. With international standards It can be used as a substitute for the API that is imported from abroad. For efficient production of Favipiravir

For the next step The Diploma will expand production at the semi-industrial level (Pilot Scale) together with a team of biotech researchers NSTDA and will be further expanded to the API industry with PTT Public Company Limited. ) Co-study the feasibility to expand the results to the commercial production process It is a collaboration between government agencies and private sectors. Science is used Technology and innovation to enhance the pharmaceutical industry In line with the government’s policy to drive the economy, BCG aims to build domestic drug production potential. “

Dr. Witoon Danwiboon, Director of Police, said that from the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 in Pha., Which is the main pharmaceutical organization of the country Research and development of drugs and vaccines for use in COVID-19 disease, Favipiravir drug raw materials, the FDA has collaborated with NSTDA to conduct research and development of the synthesis of Favipiravir. NTC has finished working at the laboratory level. This process was obtained from a new substrate that is cheaper than the imported substrate used at present. In the process of filing a patent with the Department of Intellectual Property.

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At the same time, NSTDA is ready to transfer production technology to the organization. For the organization Will continue to develop the synthesis process to the semi-industrial and industrial level In this regard, NSTDA and PTT will study the feasibility of building a factory for synthesis of drug raw materials, Favipiravir and other essential pharmaceutical raw materials. To promote and develop drug raw materials that are essential to the public health system And has commercial potential Building drug security in Thailand It is very gratifying that the BCG project has put in place a plan to build a raw material synthesis plant into the pharmaceutical and vaccine branch plan. To be able to provide further support


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