Nowa Fantastyka apologizes for Jacek Komuda and announces the LGBT + number

“Nowa Fantastyka” will be released, which will be dedicated to the LGBT + community. This is the aftermath of the scandal that broke out after the publication of the story by Jacek Komuda entitled “Dalian, you’ll be quartered.”

According to the old rule that crises in social media break out on weekends, the magazine “New Fantastics” has faced a wave of criticism since yesterday after publishing a story that many readers considered homophobic. The author of the controversial text titled “Dalian, you’ll be quartered” is Jacek Komuda.

Piotr Tarczyński undertook summaries of this work on his Facebook profile.

Hold me because I have something everyday. In the latest “New Fantasy” you will find a short story by Jacek Komuda …

Published by Piotr Tarczyński Saturday, July 4, 2020

The story is a homosexual story that was presented in a very bad light. Although it is literary fiction, it strikes the tender strings in this real world during a very hot period. The topic of the LGBT + community has finally become one of the leitmotifs of the ongoing presidential campaign, and there are suggestions from everywhere that its members should deport children.

“Nowa Fantastyka” has published a modern version of a story from “Stuermer” or “Volkischer Beobachter”, but …

Published by Jacka Dehnla Saturday, July 4, 2020

Many people, including Piotr Tarczyński and his partner Jacek Dehnel, criticized the short story by Jacek Komuda and “Nowa Fantastyka”. The publication of this text is considered a huge affront for the entire LGBT + community, because although the author argues that this is a simple pastiche, to laugh at the situation in Poland, non-heteronormative people and their supporters are not laughing.

Such a thing was displayed to me on Taymay. The author of the tweet describes himself, in his opinion, probably jokingly as “…

Published by Adrian Chmierzarz Saturday, July 4, 2020

The well-known video game developer Adrian Chmielarz also referred to the issue on his profile. He tried to defend the writer’s “pro forma” and wonders if, by chance, “New Fantasy” should occasionally put a stick in the anthill. He notes, however, that in terms of the workshop “Dalian, you’ll be quartered” is not an outstanding work at all.


Published by New Fantasy Saturday, July 4, 2020

“New Fantasy” has also referred to the matter on its profile many times.

The first statement apologized, and then there was another, in which “New Fantasy” reminds that the magazine has for years emphasized “the importance of mutual respect, tolerance and diversity.” In the editors’ opinion, “it was a neutral and benevolent space for the exchange of ideas and views,” and warned “against totalitarianisms, fanaticism, divisions and hatred.”

The author of the second statement argues that the editors received Jacek Komuda’s text as “exposing all these hatred poisoning people”, but understands that “it was read differently” and “recognized as an attack on homosexuals and propagating lying stereotypes about them”. He also realizes that the situation was aggravated by the fact that this coincided with the election campaign.

In a situation where cars with loudspeakers are driving with impunity, from which the venom of hideous anti-gay propaganda is being filtered, the publication of this story could be interpreted as another attack – it is understandable, even if this was not our intention, which I once again emphasize – it sounds fragment of a published statement

We have also learned that it has already been proposed to “creators from queer environments” to create a magazine edition that will be entirely built on literary and journalistic texts either written by LGBT + authors or devoted to this topic. This is to help fantasy lovers view the world (“ours and this fantastic”) from a different perspective.

It is better to understand the point of view of non-heteronormative people – their needs, hopes, fears. Appreciate their passions and ideas. Such texts already appear regularly in Nowa Fantastyka, but apparently the time has come to emphasize it even more and resist the waves of hatred and ignorance – we read further in the statement

Many people are not impressed with the magazine’s position, to say the least. On the one hand, there are allegations that it is such an apology to the public, and planning such a release to cover the crisis shortly after the end of the “month of pride” is in bad taste. There are also opinions that “New Fantasy” could be terrorized and introduced censorship.

In recent years, we have constantly emphasized the importance of mutual respect, tolerance and …

Published by New Fantasy Sunday, July 5, 2020

However, votes on this matter are strongly divided.

In addition to criticism and from both sides of the dispute, there are also expressions of support for the creators of the magazine. Some fans consider the response of “New Fantasy” to be an appropriate apology for the situation. Everyone is now waiting for the details of this LGBT + edition, as these, including the exact release date, are not yet known.

“New Fantasy” promised to provide information about it “soon”. At the same time, the editors express hope that “this planned issue will be the first step towards mutual understanding in fandom, towards greater tolerance, empathy and kindness” and may it actually happen – at the moment one can get the impression that the publication of this text has only intensified divisions.


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