Now the Government has decided that all Pfizer vaccines are given to adolescents

A shipment with others 160,290 doses of vaccines against coronavirus of the contract signed by the national government with the laboratory Pfizer for a total of 20 million doses for this year, it will arrive at Ezeiza international airport this afternoon, on American Airlines flight AA991.

As indicated by the Presidency through a statement, “according to the decision of the health authorities, the vaccines produced by the Pfizer laboratory that enter the country in September will be aimed at teenagers“.

On this point there was gears and counter-gears. At the end of August, the minister Carla Vizzotti He had ensured that the vaccines that arrived in September would be used for the group between 12 and 17 years old without comorbidities.

But with the arrival of the first batch, last week, left in each jurisdiction the decision how to administer vaccines according to your most urgent need. The city of Buenos Aires and the Province had then anticipated Clarion than Pfizer dosages were to be used to complete vaccination schedules for those who had a single dose of Sputnik.

As this newspaper learned, on Tuesday there was a new meeting of the Federal Health Council in which another change of strategy was decided: go back to making Pfizers for teens.

In the middle, the outbreak of coronavirus cases at ORT school of Belgrano, where there are already 61 positives and five confirmed cases of Delta variant.

How the campaign continues

Before the consultation of this newspaper, from CABA and Province they did not provide details on when they will begin to vaccinate those under 18. Córdoba did, which assured that they will start next weekend with the part that corresponds to the batch of 100,620 doses received at the beginning of this month, which have already been distributed to all provinces.

Meanwhile, the flights that transport these sera, from USA, it was announced from the Nation, will continue to arrive until reaching the 580,000 expected for this month, while during October, November and December, shipments of the remaining almost 19.5 million contemplated in the contract signed in August will be completed.

Until now, Argentina “has 60,217,440 vaccines, of which 17,180,320 are from Sputnik V: 10,955,280 from component 1 (of which 1,179,625 were produced by Richmond) and 6,225,040 from component 2 (1,765 .875 developed by the Argentine laboratory) “.

From the AstraZeneca firm, the country received 16,124,500 vaccines among the 580,000 from Covishield, the 1,944,000 received by the Covax mechanism, 12,389,500 provided directly by the laboratory, 400,000 donated by Spain and 811,000 for Mexico.

Meanwhile, it received 22,912,000 from the Sinopharm laboratory, 3,500,000 from Moderna donated by the United States, 400,000 from Cansino and the 100,620 that have already arrived from Pfizer.

The risk of a “wide spread” of the Delta variant

The infectologist Eduardo Lopez He warned this Wednesday about the “problems” that could generate a “wide spread” of the Delta variant of coronavirus.

“Yes the variant Delta goes from the current state, which is a non-predominant community circulation, to a wide spread we’ll be in trouble“, explained López in statements to radio Network.

In this context, he reiterated that “the Delta variant entered the country, but not with massive circulation,” and added: “There is a flattening of cases with a downward trend worldwide.”

Argentina at this moment he has a low number of cases“, analyzed the infectologist, and affirmed that it is”It is essential that people comply with the quarantine days“upon returning from a trip abroad.

“The rapid method that we do in Ezeiza in the asymptomatic patient is not 100% positive, it has a lower sensitivity than CRP. With which, individuals who are infected can go unnoticed, that is why it is key that people comply yes or yes the 10 days of post-trip quarantine, “he argued.




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