Now that all ok initiatives have turned to dust and dust, due to the universal hysteria and stupidity that usually accompanies their actions, they have begun to plagiarize.

A researcher within the CNSAS, historian Mădălin Hodor criticized the Ursr’s action in copying the doctoral thesis of Interior Minister Lucian Bode in a post on Facebook.

Mădălin Hodor is the same character who cursed the editors of g4media, calling them “jegos” and “violin”, following the publication of an article – signed by the journalist Andreea Pavel – concerning the slips of a show broadcast by TVR in which the old security was simply washed out. g4media reported that the respective show talked about “women’s ability” to enter the security system, and the old security guards were presented as honest people, “absolutely wonderful people, with difficulties”. Details HERE

Hodor, as a CNSAS historian, stepped in to defend the broadcast from TVR. He did not comment on the content of the show, but cursed G4Media reporters, making the same kind of statements that scandalized the families of the Pitesti experiment victims in 2019. Mădălin Hodor said of the victims that they were “shit with eyes that they tortured each other for an extra blade. “

In the controversy with Emilia Șercan, Hodor states that the volume in which Bode’s work is published is not classified and that those of the Ursr “in the end will make a fool of it, just as they have given everything they have done”.

In response, journalist Emilia Şercan, who uncovered several cases of plagiarism and who recently clarified the status of Bode’s doctoral thesis, cited the response of the director of the National Library, Adrian Cioroianu, according to which “the title is not available to users, because it is not a title elaboration process and the copy destined for the current collections of the National Library of Romania has been completed “. Șercan said the volume containing Bode’s thesis is not available on the shelf, reports.

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Hodor’s message:

“Scooter players have started. Now that all ok initiatives have turned to dust, due to the hysteria and universal stupidity that usually accompanies their actions, they have started plagiarizing. Very nice. This will eventually lead to ridicule as well. , as they’ve given everything they’ve done to the fence. They’ll make fun of the otherwise honest work of a few because they can’t hold back from addressing the subject. They’ve gone to their library and posed as a copy of poor mana (alas, what a misfortune, they didn’t give it to us, they kept it a secret! Foams and big fantasies among the cycling audience. Yes, and Mamaia Biciclista is very serious about conspiracies and only sees SRI everywhere, although hey, mom, check the chronology, when Bode got his doctorate, the coordinator was at UBB, not Intelligence Academy, alas, your head is really dirty!). Thousands of cheers and cheers for Alde Bulai Doamne and Guinea. Now, I know that the user audience and the related press are woefully out of touch with reality, but lying in this situation that the book is a secret … Look. Go there, fighters of the extinguished light, and ask them to give you one or two or three of the 7 (seven, because you may not know the number) volumes stored there by the library. You will find that they are not secret at all and you can even read them with a pen in your hand. This way, you no longer have fans of the crazy world and you don’t have to cut corners by copying what you can freely access like nonsense. how about you borrow it and read it until your eyes roll. Stop lying to the stupid world that it’s a secret that you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing for too long. Come on, dad will kiss you. When you have the courage to look for me, maybe something will come out of your head, ”Hodor wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

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Emilia Şercan’s response:

Journalist Emilia Şercan reiterated the clarifications made since Friday, according to which: “(1) The coordinator of Bode, Adrian Ivan, was rector of the SRI Academy in 2018, but also Prof. Dr. coordinator of the UBB. (2) I recently asked the National Library if the publishing house where the book appeared sent him 7 copies, as required by the law on libraries. The reply received, under the signature of the director Adrian Cioroianu, states: “Currently the title is not available to users, because the process of elaboration of the title and copy intended for the current collections of the National Library of Romania has not been completed. “(3) In my post on Friday I put the links to the National Library and the Library UBB where it is clear that (,) Bode’s book is not available “off the shelf”. Only the thesis is available, which has a “V” in front of it. This is the doctoral thesis indicator “.

Mădălin Hodor had a new reaction:

“I understand that the work is not available because the procedure that was the responsibility of the Library has not been completed, right? That did not imply that Bode had” classified “his book, or at least I do not see the link. a mistake, it’s the library’s fault. So I don’t understand why there is a whole cabal about the idea of ​​secrecy. What exactly escapes me apart from the idea of ​​doing an intention process? “

Subsequently, Mădălin Hodor published two more posts on the same topic:

Let’s clarify one thing, because I see that I have to draw. Campaign against Câmpeanu, campaign against Bode, campaign against Ciucă .. Accusations, but without proof, but enough to raise the tide. No decision by a court that has the capacity to adjudicate these cases. But it does not matter. We only believe in credibility, don’t we? Obviously it is all coincidental, nothing to do with the clandestine political struggle for the upcoming elections. OK. Let’s go to sleep, because we lived 30 years for nothing “, she wrote, the comment of the journalist Emilia Şercan was:” Madalin, seriously? “.

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In another post, he stated: “I know we are hard on logic, so I ask separately: 1. How do you keep a book secret if 7 copies are sent to the library? 2 How is it Bode’s fault if the library has not completed the process of elaborating and making the book available to the public? ‘

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